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  1. Hey everybody. Let me start by saying that I used Dan's Regimen for about 4 years and it worked fantastic, was clear the entire time. I was 18 when I started it with moderate acne. The only reason I had to stop it is because I believe I became allergic to the Benzyl Peroxide. Would give me a nasty itchy skin rash every time I applied it, basically happened over night. I even tried just to wash my face with the BP and rinse it off, not luck. So I said screw it and threw away all of the p
  2. Hey thanks for posting guys. Yeah the BP, its unbearable, its so itchy, and its all blotchy all over my face, its quite disgusting so I stopped using it. Ive heard of other people developing this before, and I guess 4 years on it twice a day might do it eventually. Regardless, I do have tea tree oil, but not really sure how to apply it, maybe with oil/water? Side note, I go in the atlantic ocean almost twice a week and that as well isnt keeping me clear, so this acne is really fighting back.
  3. Hey everyone, let me tell you about me. Im a 23 male. My acne is mild Id say, but I just dont understand where its coming from. I workout 6 days a week and wash my face after every workout. I drink green tea everyday, I take fish oils every day. My diet is flawless, I dont eat sugar and I have a six pack. I used to use dan's regime and that kept me almost always clear, but just recently they BP started giving me and itchy rash on my face, so i stopped. Now, my acne is back with a passion.
  4. Hey guys, when i shave i get this irritation on the sides of my face only and if i scratch it, it gets red and bumpy. its just gets real itchy at times. Any thoughts on products? I only use DKR atm
  5. Hey guys, ive been on DKR for about 3 months now and all my acne has pretty much cleared up for about a month now:). But i still have these red marks from acne that has been there for like a month now and they just wont seem to go away. When i run my finger over it my skin is clear so i think its just a red mark. I was thinking about starting to tan at a salon or something to help clear those red marks up. Will acne return if i tan? Because im really white and those marks and blemishes real
  6. So, ive been on DKR for about 2 months and my face was really clear, like barely any acne at all. I think i ate something and developed a full body rash which i took benedryl. I ended up missing a night of DKR for going out partying. The next 2 days my face just exploded. Anyways, the rash cleared up and now im back onto DKR fully but for some reason my face seems like its reacting differently to the regime. Some days my face is so dry its peeling no matter how much moisturizer i put on and