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  1. so yeah this cetaphil cleanser was garbage. maybe it helps some people but it's not good for my sensitive face. my face actually got better since i stopped using face washes all together and just used water. since i stopped i have only had 2 pimples the other day i started using a vegetable based vitamin e glycerin soap that i like. my face seems to have improved with it but maybe it's just a coincidence
  2. well i tried it and i was surprised it didn't burn or make my face tight at all. my face is still a bit dry but i think it's still from the other one
  3. i bought the cetaphil gentle skin cleanser at first i didn't know whether to get that or the cetaphil daily facial cleanser. there probably isn't much of a difference right? the daily one is for normal to oily skin should i try it tonight or just wait until my face stops being dry
  4. i read that both of these washes moisturize or retain moisture. is it enough not to have to buy a seperate one?
  5. i guess i'm either going to try cetaphil or that neutrogena extra sensitive cleanser i don't like the look of the ingredients but if it works i can try it
  6. i'm reading about cetaphil and it sounds like that could be good any experience?
  7. i can give it a try but i tried that neutrogena orange cleanser and man did it mess up my face
  8. yikes! yeah i also need to find a moisturizer that doesn't cause my skin to burn i have a weird face i guess
  9. i'm currently using one that is fragrance free and organic/natural and is not supposed to over dry my skin but lately it has started doing just that and making it red. i also have a tea tree oil wash that started burning my skin so i stopped using it what is something that is virtually soap free and doesn't have any harsh chemicals ? i also thought maybe washing my face twice a day with these washes could be a problem. maybe i could try washing at night with a face wash and just with water in t
  10. i have heard good things about using green tea and rooibos/red tea but i have a question. do you still wash with a cleanser or do you just use the tea?
  11. am i supposed to be applying them all over my face or only on red marks and acne ?
  12. sorry for the huge pic i wash with this throughly clean face wash. it's pretty good at preventing acne and drying it but the red marks continue to stay. i really only badly breakout after i shave http://www.desertessence.com/pages/skincare.html#Facewash