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  1. I had a huge zit on my face, above my mouth and it was pretty massive and unsightly so i ended up popping it. now theres a huge bump and it just basically looks like i took a knife and cut myself on the top of that huge bump. i can feel pain from the cut even when im not touching it. ive been applying aloe vera gel to it, any advice to heal this without scarring or minimal scarring at the very least?
  2. well, flushing or flaring, either one, i have not experienced any of these ever before. could i still have rosacea?
  3. I've had a somewhat red nose, though it isnt extremely bright red, more like brownish-red, for about 3 years and im not sure whether this is a rosacea or not. i dont have considerable acne on my nose to have left my nose mostly red so im suspecting rosacea (though theres no history of it in my family). However, I have never experienced this flaring that rosacea is associated with. I didn't even understand what flaring really was until i read about it. so, as title states, if you have never flare
  4. I was wondering if someone could tell me how a flare up feels like? I'm not exactly sure if I had one or not, knowing would tell me if I have rosacea. Today, I was playing sports outside for about 3 (80 minute periods) straight; lunch, gym and had a sub who let us do whatever we wanted. when i went home, which was about 10-15 minutes afterwards from playing sports. I noticed that my nose was noticeably redder, and it was only my nose that was noticeably redder, other areas of my face were normal
  5. can i use an anti-blotch cream that is created from all natural ingredients so no AHA or BHA or stuff like that under MaMa lotion? or will this break me out?
  6. so i had a whitehead; really big and it popped when i was applying moisturizer/toner/etc. i wasnt sure when it popped either, probably from slight contact from my hand since it was really big. anyways, it popped but wouldnt the pus spread to the other parts of the skin since im not realy using anything to remove the pus? therefore wouldnt it be better to just pop whiteheads instead of them popping themselves and spreading the pus when you dont know it?
  7. On my nose I have a lot of oily skin as a result i have a ton of small blackheads on it. My nose first started getting red about 2-3 years ago and hasnt gotten better since. I was wondering if redness can be caused by blackheads which would make sense since i rarely get pimples on my nose but the blackheads is a constant thing. Thanks for viewing my topic and thanks for any helpful replies.
  8. I have extremely oily skin on my nose, forehead, and the part between the nose and mouth. I was wondering if I work out and sweat a bunch will encourage acne and wondering if oily skin plays a part in this? Also, can someone tell me what I should be doing after working out, do i wash my face with a cleanser and apply a moisturizer again, just wipe my face with a towel, or if im planning to take a shower in a hour- 2 hours would it be ok to just wipe my face with a towel and wait until then? Can
  9. okay, ill wait for a bit, 1-3 months should do it i guess and see if there is any progress on the black spot on the pore, if not ill steam my nose to open the pores and squeeze to see if theres something in there
  10. i know you cant shrink pores and the such but, the spot where the blackhead is, is black from far away and stands out, its not supposed to be black right? my current assumption is that it is blood from inside the pore or it is a deep blackhead that was under the previous blackhead ( does this make sense?). under any circumstances, i should not be attempting to squeeze the pore to get anywhere right?
  11. i removed a massive blackhead on my nose and was left with a massive hole. however, looking from far away, i can see a black spot in the mirror where the hole is. i cant tell if there is stuff in the hole or not because it looks as if there is either stuff in the hole making it black or it looks black because of the hole. before when i removed the first blackhead on the surface of my nose, i got to the pus and thought i was done. but now i see this. is this a deep blackhead or something else? im
  12. Does anyone know if oil blotting sheets are good for the skin? I have extremely oily skin that makes it look shiny and wet. my skin gets very oil after some hours. if i use the sheets once a day when my skin is very oily, is this bad for my skin or no? thanks in advance
  13. im pretty sure i had an acid peel and am not planning on putting anything on my face tonight to let my skin heal. i was previously on a acne treatment plan but they told me to stop using it. they gave me a regulator day gel that is balancing - hydrating and matifying. the gel consists of plant extracts, fruit acids derivates (salicylic acid, glycolic acid, etc). zinc salt and sulfur, vitamins a and e and hyaluronic acid. i am getting another facial after two weeks since my mom bought a package f
  14. wasnt quite sure where to put this and i thought this board was the most suitable, i apologize if i placed it wrongly. firstly, can someone give me their opinion on acne facials, are they good, bad, etc? i had an acne facial today and i forgot to ask what to apply at night time, i know what to apply for daytime but im not sure if its the same for nighttime. in addition, i don't have any numbers to contact them with. i was wondering if i could use something harmless like aloe vera gel or if it is
  15. i havent squeezed or popped the cyst on my face but have been treating it with a prescribed gel with high exfoliation powers though i havent consulted my doctor about the cyst which ive had for about 2 weeks. it used to hurt but now it is numb though theres still a bump. can someone tell me the natural course for the cyst? will it eventually heal or start to hurt again? also, if it does heal will it result in a permanent scar? thanks in advance.