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  1. thanks dan...i just hadn't heard from her. i appreciate you responding to this
  2. hey dan, i was hoping you could help me out. i already wrote an email to customer service (mai-stella) on the 3rd of this month and i haven't heard back. i ordered 2 tubes of gel about a month ago and you guys shipped it but the post office screwed up and redelivered it to you. i wrote back and told them to ship it back and that i would pay the shipping costs. they still haven't sent it, or even gotten back to me about it. can you help me? thanks....
  3. your own post isn't really that intelligent^^ and not everyone who disagrees with this thread is a horny little boy. i'm a 26 year old woman and i still don't agree that masturbation causes acne.
  4. you can get wheatgrass at any juice place. it doesn't really help your skin but it does have a lot of vitamins in it...which makes it healthy...
  5. it seems to me, from reading a lot of posts in this thread, that this regimen eventually stops working for most people. you guys should try "the regimen" found on this site. there are thousands of people (including me) whom have been cleared from the regimen. i do think, if you want a natural regimen, you should check the one on the redmarks forum out...its called OMG...something, something!!! it sounds like it really works.
  6. i don't think once a month for 4 minute will do anything at all (good or bad). i know that tanning helps my acne for the short term but you would need more than that.
  7. i thought about just letting this thread die, since it's not really getting us anywhere but i just have to say to dr4ma: ben is just trying to portray another side...because if he (and me, and bbb, and a few others) weren't here, it would be a completely one-sided forum. there needs to be a balance, imo. i think you guys need to stop attacking ben. we all know you don't agree with him or the rest of us skeptics...just don't respond if you don't agree. put us on ignore or something, ok? den
  8. i use emu oil around my eyes and my upper lip. just wanna stave the wrinkles off.
  9. i'm pretty sure i know what your name is about. "take these broken wings and learn to fly....all your life"
  10. stop being dirty, blondeguy this is a serious board to help people with acne.
  11. i got clear with in about 2 weeks with mino, as well. it is incredible stuff!
  12. yeah, it sounds like you are on the regimen except for that (but i'm not sure if you are applying enough bp).
  13. look on the redmarks forum there is some awesome info there...
  14. you would need a 2.5% bp to be on the regimen. otherwise it sounds like you are on the regimen.