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  1. don't stress about it, it's normal and it WILL get better with time I've been on Retin-A for a good 3 months now and my skin hardly peels at allll like it used to. Also, try using an aloe vera gel instead of a moisturizer, you might find that helps, it moisturizes well plus it has awesome healing qualities for your skin. The first couple of weeks on retin-a is when your skin reacts the most, it will become adjusted to it and soon enough the harsh peeling will minimize. Retin-A worked wonders fo
  2. the december issue of Allure magazine has AWESOME tips on covering acne/scars etc, there are several pages containing techniques, tips, and recommended products, check it out!
  3. I have been on orth-tricyclen for 4 years and it worked great, it agreed with me so I didnt have any negative side affects, good luck!
  4. retin-a worked amazingly well for me, my face is 100% clear and smooth, give it time to work, it takes several weeks for the full effects to show, stick at it and don't be discouraged!
  5. Alina I am also on Retin-A, those symptoms will subside eventually don't worry!
  6. Noxema is way too harsh for your skin if you are on Retin-A. I am also on Retin-A and my skin is now 100% clear. The redness, peeling, dryness etc. will lessen over time, my face is never red at all anymore since I have been using Retin-A for about 5 months now. Your skin will adjust to it over time don't worry! it's worth sticking it out. For now I recommend that the BEST cleanser for your face since it is so sentisitve is Cetaphil. It's a soap free, colour free, unscented cleaner that is EXTRE
  7. try applying retin-a only ONCE a day instead of twice in the afternoon/evening! this could definitely be the cause. I also use retin-a and my face gets very dry, not as bad as it used to, but it's normal. Make sure you pat your face dry and don't rub it, and only apply oil-free moisturizer in the places you really need it. Also, to help keep your skin hydrated at all times drink TONS of water, it has helped me!! I really hope things look up for you!
  8. just a lil' update, since stopping minocycline 2 weeks ago I haven't had one single break-out and my skin is 100% clear, if that helps with your decision at all
  9. you should definitely ask your dermatologist about Sulfacet-R, it is a medicated lotion that contains sulfur, it has done WONDERS for my mild acne, I use Retin-A at night and Sulfacet-R in the morning. It really works, also it is tinted to your skin color so it helps cover any red marks on your face talk to your derm about it!
  10. as usual I will ALWAYS recommend MAC StudioFix, that stuff is AWESOME
  11. I was on Mino for not even 1 week and I stopped. I hated the way I felt on it, plus I was worried. I stopped taking it a little while ago and feel so much better and stuck to using Retin-A at night at Sulfacet-R in the morning and my face is now 100% clear!! I didn't wanna put such a strong medication in my body for so long, plus my acne is mild and I felt it was kinda too much for me. I've been sticking to a good diet which also helped a lot. I'd only suggest mino if your acne is moderate
  12. Hi I currently use Retin-A every night to treat my mild acne. But my dermatologist just recently prescribed me a lotion to put on in the morning called Sulfacet-R. It is an acne treatment that is tinted to your exact skin tone so you can use it as a cover up. It's awesome because it really does help mask the blemishes/pimples you have AS a concealer but it also helps heal them much faster. It's been working quite well for me, just wanted to suggest it! Maybe ask your derm's about it!