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  1. canceled my fraxel appt. Mama lotion 1x every 5 days plus vitamin e (opening 400 strength gel caps and appying to face) the 4 other nights has helped to fade scars, shrink pores and even skin tone over three months. I believed I just saved $ thousands and lots of risk. I am a 38 male and have lots of blackhead-enlarged pores, some shallow scars. Mama lotion removed the blackheads and rosacia, vitamin e does the rest. I have super-sensitive skin that did not react well with Tazerac, retin a,
  2. I needled scarred pores with size 30 lancets and they only create a small drop of blood which washes away the next day. Is this size too small to make a difference?
  3. Clearskincare does not recommend using a dermaroller in conjunction with alpha hoydrox products. They wont tell me why. I use Mama lotion every 5 days. Does anyone here do BOTH dermarolling AND alpha hydroxide? Thanks!
  4. rebel13


    Hi Everyone I am thinking about needling for shallow pore scars and any feedback you may have is very welcome: 1) will needling help with pores that are enlarged by scarring? 2) is it ok to needle in conjunction with bi-weekly Alpha Hydroxy topicals like MaMa lotion? Thanks!
  5. I've been on B5 for about 3 months with no breakouts for just over a month now Might give MaMa lotion a go, since I'm now concentrating on clearing my scarring and red marks.
  6. Sure they care about you. But they are conservative and highly influenced by big pharma. The more I researched non-proscribed products and practices, the better my skin. I stopped listening to them. Buy Mama lotion and moisturize. It works for me.
  7. Hi I am a 38 y/o male who has had acne for 20 years and has tried just about every retinoid, cleanser, etc and was about to do fraxel for scars. Then I discovered MaMa lotion. This over-the counter wonder works fast with minimal irritation ( I have sensitive skin and Tazorac ravaged it). It has reduced redness, evened the skin and is going to work on my scars after 1 month. I find that I dont need Sal ac or benz peroxide to cleanse, just Cetaphil or Eucerin anti-redness cleanser. Top it o
  8. Still...free coffee..if its one of those $4 coffees, it may be worth it...
  9. Hello folks! I am 38, have had acne all my life and now its drying up but I am left with scars that look even worse than the acne! It seems to get worse every day. I have had depression for ever, therapy, meds, etc. and now I realize much has had to do with my skin. Needless to say, I have been depressed lately. But I had an epiphany in a tire store the other day. Not everyone is turned off by it. In fact, you can make a great impression if you show confidence IN THE FACE OF IT. We are