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  1. We are on the same boat but I'm suffering 2 year extra than you.I have literally given all my hopes and don't want to waste my parents money on acctunate which is very costly. And I'm the only one in my siblings suffering from pimples.In fact nor my friends nor my cousins suffer from pimples.I'm also prone to eczema and have back and chest pimples and oily skin.My parents know how i feel but what can they do its natural and even if I go for acctunate it will give a temporary relief.So why to was
  2. The hard part of life is to ho to parties or dinner were their is more light and good looking peoples and girls. But I'm trying my best and I'm suffering from pimples for more than 7 years so now its part of my regular life.
  3. I have long back given up on my pimples. When I was in high school I used to or still like a girl, but I was suffering from sever acne, so never had the guts nor confidence to talk with her; in fact it was very hard to make a eye contact with her. She knew that I liked her, but I was coward and their was another guy who used to like her and was good looking and friend or her best friend. So i never had the chance. And now I'm in my last year of engineering(after 4 years) and she is still in good