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  1. Dalacin t and hibiscrub combination is still working well after 6 weeks. Vast improvement on back acne
  2. My daughter is on the pill, she started the same time as the doxy. Reason being the pill takes 3 months to work and she has 3 months of doxycycline. Then the pill should kick in. My daughter broke out during the gap week so has been advise to take the next 2 packs of pills back to back to stabilise the hormones. All a bit of a worry taking meds but we'll follow the advice for now and see how we go. good luck too x I did 28 days of doxycycline and my acne got better after a week. But,
  3. My daughter is on week 4 of doxycycline and she isn't really seeing great things either. She's on 100mg (supposed to be 200mg) but if she takes the prescribed dose she feels sick too. So she's sticking to 100mg. Her skin is possible slightly better but it seems to change over night. Just when we think it's improving the next day it's bad again. Good luck today
  4. I still wouldn't say my daughter has broken out. However after 3 weeks on doxy she is getting bigger spots instead as well as small pimples. She has smoother skin in general i suppose but larger spots appearing from nowhere in odd places (by her nose/eye and upper cheek, she doesn't have acne on her cheeks normally) I wonder how long it will take to show a difference as I'm sure it's not the doxy that's smoothed her skin up so far. Good luck, hope it improves.
  5. Dalacin T lotion- fantastic

    After trying many different lotions and potions , both natural and from the GP a trip to a dermatologist was out last option. In the UK this came with a free of £200 but so far hss been worth every penny. A wash once a day with over the counter Hibiscrub followed by 2 applications of Dalacin T per day has dramatically improved my daughters skin in just 15 days. She has back acne, chest acne and T zone acne. All the areas have improved. No dryness, no itchiness, no irritation, no bleachin
  6. Day 15 - amazing. So much improvement seen. A little way to go yet but so far after many products this is by far the best. No dryness or breakouts at all.
  7. Fantastic results. Dalacin t lotion is working! 2 weeks and the improvement is showing. No breakouts or dryness at all.
  8. I just wanted to catch it before it got too bad. Unfortunately her back just for worse and worse despite being given lots of lotions and potions by our gp. I very much doubted that at 13/14 my daughter was going to grow out of it any time soon. So finally a visit to a dermatologist has put us in a much better direction. Thank you so much for all the information and advice. It was vert informative and helpful and I will be following it. X
  9. Thanks. The 100mg is fine for her. My daughter is on day 5 of doxy and her face has no IB, her back is still slightly worse but I wouldn't say a break out, just not better. I feel the dalacin t (day 10) is still doing wonders for her face (fingers crossed). Good luck ceri23.
  10. I'm keeping a close eye on things but so far my daughters on day 3 of doxycycline and it's got very slightly worse on her back.
  11. My young daughter is on dalacin t typical lotion and the improvement is really starting to show. She is also just starting a course of doxycyline to help with her back acne. Hopefully the two will work well together. That's what our dermatologist has recommended.
  12. This is the identical journey for my young teenage daughter. Last ditch attempt by gp was differin. Made it far worse and the scars left behind are worrying. ...so private consultation with a dermatologist and she's now on doxycycline. How is it going for you? Did you have an initial breakouts?
  13. Just out of interest why did you decide to stop the doxycycline?