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  1. When I walk down the street and see the sidewalk looking all cracked and stained it reminds me of my face. Just now I was eating a banana and it was pretty ripe so it had brown spots on it and of course I thought of acne. Sometimes I can't look at anything without it reminding me of my acne in one way or another. *sigh*
  2. Well I know that red marks are supposed to clear up after 6 months to a year but for some reason mine usually don't. I have this one mark for almost a year from a cyst and it's looked the same since like a month after the cyst cleared. I have other red marks from 3 years ago and while they have faded slightly over the years, they are still red (these marks are also indented). My most recent breakout has been flattened out and no longer active for a while now but is still as red as hell and I fea
  3. Yes he did and yes he is!!!!! Pfft get over it your both fat. I'm sexually depressed. we are all somthing lets just be honest about our selves and talk about it. we all have problems I'm drinking way too much lately. AA meetings for me.
  4. stripes79


    I had 3 IPL treatments for redmarks, the most recent of which was two weeks ago. The improvement that I have seen has been very minor so I don't plan on continuing with the treatments because it doesn't seem worth the money.
  5. Hello everyone I haven't been around the boards much lately since I decided that coming here was only making me obsess over my skin even more but I wanted to check in and let you know what I've been up to. I started seeing a psychiatrist 2 weeks ago and she diagnosed me with depression and anxiety. She put me on a drug called lexapro and I have been feeling better since I started taking it. My depressive episodes are less frequent and they don't last as long when they do occur. Hopefully I c
  6. I had my third IPL treatment today. I saw a sight improvement after the first two but this time they did the treatment at a higher intensity so I am hoping the improvement will be more substatial. The treatment was pretty painful at the higer setting and right now my skin is very irritated and swolen in a few spots. They said it should go back to "normal" in a day or two. I hope that the irritation is a good sign that I will get better results.
  7. I have two large patches and a couple smaller marks also. My case is a lotl like yours. My acne was severe but confined to a relatively small area.
  8. I am doing IPL for red marks and it is working but you have to be really patient. I had my second treatment a little over 2 weeks ago and only recently can say for sure that it is working. I am having another treatment next week and I will probably need a total of 5 treatments. You have to wait 3 weeks between treatments. At first I thought it wasn't doing anything but this week I started to finally see that the redness is faded a little.
  9. I totally relate to your post, dude. This place can be dangerous. I am trying to ween myself off coming here becuase it's making me too obsessive.
  10. I recently started to do IPL for red marks on my face. I had my second treatment last week. So far it's hard to tell if it is doing anything. I think there may have been *slight* improvement but it's so hard to say when you are constantly looking in the mirror. They told me I would probably need 5 treatments for major improvement but if I don't see any noticable improvment after the next session I am not going to keep doing them. It is too much money to spend if I'm not getting results.