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  1. Depends on what type of acne you have. If you have very severe acne, I wouldnt do it. The thing with Cetaphil is it is hard to believe that it is really getting the face clear because most peoplea arent used to a cleanser that feels like watery lotion. I tried to use just cetaphil and initially I found that it made me breakout, but only because it was bringing stuff up. If I were you I would just try it for about 2 weeks and see what effect if has on your face, if you do breakout, you can ad
  2. I have a bunch: -Natures cure -Dove cleansing pillows -Neutrogena deep clean cream cleanser -Clean and clear cream cleanser for sensitive skin -Nuetrogena clear pore night treatment -Cetaphil -Clean and clear pore scrub - Neutrogena acne fade peel -Clean and clear SA spot treatment -Aveeno correction treatment and moisturizer
  3. I used to steam my face all of the time and it was great, but lately, it dried my face out to much, so I have been forced to find other alternatives for my cloogged pores, So here is my pore unclogging regimen: Morning- Wash with dove pillows Spot treat with neutrogena clear pore nighttime treatment Night - Wash with Neutrogena deep clean cream cleanser Spot treat with neutrogena clear pore nighttime treatment Thats it! The daily exfoliation gets rid of the dead skin and debris on the surfa
  4. The reason that you are not supposed to use toothpaste on your entire face is because it can be too strong on certain areas. Many people suffer from chemical burns trying to do this (myself included). If you do decide to use toothpaste, it has to have flouride in it or it wont work, but be warned, it can make things worse.
  5. Dont let acne be the thing to get you down. Yeah it sucks to have acne problems in college especially if you were like me and had skin that was so flawless in high school that it looked airbrushed. You look at your face and ask "Isnt this a problem for teenagers?" School is too important to drop out because of acne. For those of you who are thinking of dropping out because of it, think of what irony it would be if your face does clear up like a year later, and your feeling pissed because y
  6. Hi all, latley it seems like there are tons of posts discussing the small flesh colored bumps. I have been on here for about a year and I dont remember people having as many problems with it before. Since there are so many people with this problem, there are also a bunch of sparadic threads about this one problem so I was wondering if there would be any way for us to combine all the flesh colored bump posts and put them under one heading, so that people could refer to them quicker. Just lik
  7. I've been using Natures cure for almost 4 whole months now and I love it . No longer do I get those painful cystic pimples, nor do I get many and 1 time. Just keep it up, its so awesome.
  8. Sorry about the comments that she has been making to you. No offense to your friend, but, it is obvious that she doesnt know much about acne. The best way to deal with people like this is to educate them . Yes it is true that some people's faces will clear up with OTC products, but not everyone. I think that if she continues to make those types of remarks you should explain to her not only how she makes you feel when she says those types of things, but also give her some information about ac
  9. I had the same problem and found that if I scrub my face with something gentle every day, then they go away. For months my pores were extremely clogged and my boyfriend told me to try scrubing my face everyday and Ive been doing that for a little over two months now and they are now gone (of course theres a coupple, but they arent prominent. I use the dove cleansing pillows with the smooth/textured side, worked wonders for me. Good luck
  10. I've been using it for over 3 months now and my face has cleared up soooo much, I dont even need the BP cream. Good luck.
  11. At least some of you can give up milk by choice; I am deathly allergic to milk (Throat closes up, cant breath and if I get to hot I just might start to seize). It wasnt until I was 15 that I learned this so by that time, I had had my share of the splendors of milk. I used to be able to have cheese and icecream and just not milk, but 2 years later, I could no longer handle that. NO ICECREAM, CHEESE, MILKSHAKES, CHEESECAKES, CREAM PIES, PIZZA, ETC (SUCKS). Now I cant even handle chocolate becau
  12. Thanx everyone . All of you comments make alot if sense, especially because I've noticed such a huge difference in my skin.
  13. Hello everyone. . I am one of the many unfortunate people who has clogged pores , but I have found that exfoliating daily helps me out. Last summer I was doing botchla's regimen and while using the blackhead clearing scrub, my pores were really clear. But I stopped botchla's regimen because I kept hearing that exfoliating too much can scratch your pores and mess up your skin, so I stopped. For like 8 months my pores have been really cloogged until, I started to use the dove cleansing pillow