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  1. Thanks, i feel as if its a scarred pore because blackheads/white heads can be seen and squeezed out of it. But if I cut it it bleeds too. So im not sure I have a couple tiny ones on my nose as wll but they arent noticeable at all.
  2. Anyone figure it out...? Could it be something with the nose not producing collagen or something?
  3. Its fine... EVERYONE likes someone better if they have a few flaws rather than being 100% perfect. Also you wouldn't want to be with someone who is that shallow that they wont like you because of a few scars.
  4. No one likes someone who is PERFECT. If you had a person who was perfect in every way and a person who was nearly perfect with some imperfections, everyone would choose the person with some imperfections, just remember that.
  5. Ya dermatologist isnt going to help it. When I went she thought she knew exactly what she was doing and I believed it... lol Mederma does make it fade a little bit. It seems like its scar tissue, I dont think its a cyst or anything like that... you can see the pore on it sometimes like when you get out of the shower.
  6. Doctor shaved it off but failed, its now the same exact way it was in the pictures... lol maybe a little flatter.
  7. Everyones bodies different, but you should give yourself at least 30 days. Also make sure to wear a hat and dont stay in the sun to long.
  8. You should just leave it alone, if you do anything just use creams (mederma). Its barely even noticeable.....not bad at all.
  9. Yes little scars some people will like. For instance, in my psychology class we were talking about... What would a women or man prefer. The person who was PERFECT in every way, Or the person who was ALMOST perfect with some imperfections. Studies showed they would choose the person with imperfections.
  10. Umm... how do you know thats exactly from Accutane? What if it's in your genetics or you just so happen to have it. If you were to get cancer or something unfortunate later in life would you directly relate that to Accutane?
  11. Hey not sure if its good or not for your skin... but its GOOD for your health. You should definitely take it also next time you pick some up see if you can get the pills with fish and flax seed oil. Omega 3 fatties are good for you overall!
  12. Hey there... I have a similar bump, its not as big but well its on my nose. I had a pimple there when I was younger, and I tried to pop it and it didnt work and I guess scar tissue developed or whatever. Then over the years it wasn't really noticeable, but the last 2 years or so its been noticeable again out of no where. I went to the derm recently, and she said it could either be scar tissue or a pimple that never went away. So she basically cut it and try to remove it, she kind of did, bu
  13. Hey it worked good for me. I use it on a raised discolored bump, it helps to restore the color with the rest of my skin. I used it on a couple red marks left from acne, and it works real good actually. Its kind of pricey so I just use a little bit at night on the problem spot and it works real good. You dont need to use as much as they suggest, just once at night.