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  1. Ok, fellow canucks, where can i buy a low SPF (ie: 5-15) for acne prone facial skin?? I would really like to get a tan and not look like a ghost during the summer!
  2. What about time released zinc pills? Can the body absorb a 25mg zinc pill? Or maybe its better to take a couple of 10mg pills throughout the day?
  3. No i haven't tried any other pure a products. Just 5% and 2.5% BP but it doesn't work for me anymore, just makes my face VERY red in warm rooms (ie school). I'm fed up - I'm going on accutane after summer. I will try to use the sun to help me with acne if it fails then its accutane. In the mean time i will use pure a and any other over the counter product i find.
  4. I've been using it for 2 weeks and it has cleared up my skin nicely (i have moderate acne). It has 1% salcilyc acid and zinc it in and there is a day and night tube.
  5. When should i apply the AHA? after BP? twice daily? does cold weather effect these products? i live in canada and was wondering if this stuff would freeze onthe way here.
  6. So i finally got off the 5% BP b/c it stopped working and made me look like i just came out of a tanning salon. I also stopped using retin a micro as i believe it was contributing to my acne. I use spectro jel to clean my face - i just glide over my face with it very gentily. THen i apply dan's BP very gentily and top it off with cetaphil about 20min later. I use a clean rag to gentily press my face to eliminate the shiny look. It's amazing how much more of dan's BP i can apply to my face -
  7. Well summer is finally here in canada. I'm looking for an spf of about 30 as well as an spf of 8-10 so i can tan. 1. So, what kinda of sunscreen do you guys use? 2. Is there a sunscreen with lotion in it already that doesn't make your face shiny? 3. Do you use the same sunscreen on your face as on the rest of your body?
  8. Ok i think i'm gonna try dan's BP. Shipping/handling costs range from $5-18. Duty should be waived since the product is made in a NAFTA country. - How much in other fees can i expect to pay at the border? - If i choose the $5 shipping option (1-3 weeks), will the BP be ok when it arrives if say it takes 3 weeks to get here? Cold weather effect? THanks
  9. Where do you buy all these products? Do they go under these names exactly or are these just the ingredients?
  10. What's the product called? I see your location says europe, but maybe i'll find what you're using here in canada.
  11. My grandma suggested that i try this herbal product to prevent acne. I considering trying this out in place of BP which is starting to get on my nerves. Anyone ever tried a product with this in it? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calendula_officinalis
  12. I used to use body wash - bad idea. Ditch the body wash and get some soap, like irish spring soap. There's too many different chemicals in body wash, they may irritate your skin. Get your doc to write you a prescription for this: dalacin T 1% clindamycin phosphate It's a liquid that comes in a roll-on-deodorant bottle. You just roll a thin layer of the liquid across your skin (twice/day) and within a month you'll notice a HUGE difference. I use it as spot treatment on my back/chest aswell.
  13. 1 Hour for the regimen????????????? PLEASE explain this... Wow, 15min MAX for me!
  14. I switched to complex-15 4-5months ago. It's like $2-3 more expensive than greasy cetaphil but i don't care. One bottle last several months(i'm still on my first bottle) and that couple of bucks won't change my life at all. If you live in canada, go to shoppers drug mart - they always have it, and sometimes you can find it in other stores for a bit cheaper, but again its only a couple of bucks stretched across many months. Cetaphil makes my face look greasy and shiny. I only occasionally use it