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  1. Hi. I dont really have any serious scarring but just some dark purple/red spots from old acne. i read some where that extreme hydration of the skin will help get rid of these. someone recomended rosehipseed oil. i bought some and it said not to use it on acne prone skin. does anyone know anything about this? my doctor also recomended a diamond peel. not quite sure what this is...explanation? Thanks!
  2. hi. i've been on accutane for almost three months now. i used to have mild to moderate acne and an extremely oily face. my oilyness has dimished to non existant but my acne has not. i havent had a a break out like i used to in weeks but last time i saw my dr for my two month checkup she seemed slightly discouraged that my skin was perfect yet. i feel that it has improved greatly but am still hoping for more improvement leading to clear skin for good. im 140 lbs and on 40 mg a day....im thin
  3. i have had a soar throat for about a week now accompanied with some red bumps on the back of my throat. i am worried its from the accutane. I have a derm appointment on monday and really dont want to be taken off the meds. any insight?
  4. Thanks for the tips! so today is day twenty three and still no incredible improvement on my skin. drier lips, less oily skin, and some flakiness but nothing i cant live with in the name of dry skin. on the down side....i have had a soar throat for about a week now and am concerned that it has to do with the accutane. I also noticed some red bumps on the back of my throat. i red that this can just be attributed to a cold or soar throat with out the accutane, but im still kinda worried. i had my
  5. Thanks for the great advice martin. today is day fourteen. i think i might have miscounted my days during the first post. ooops. My skin is almost oil free and i definately love it. Minor flakes, but nothing a little moisturizer wont cure. I have a few lumps under my skin. At first they felt like they were going to be major zits but have kinda held off and flattened out. I think they might just absorb and go away. About that moisturizer...right now i use cereve because it doesnt leave my ski
  6. So i started accutane ten days ago. Im 17 year old male, 62.5 kg ( not sure if that is correct but im 140 lbs), and on 40 mg a day. I have had mild-moderate acne for five years now. I decided to start accutane because i heard that if you take it while a teen, you are more likely be cured for good. Im hoping this is correct. To summarize the past ten days: i think somewhere around the fourth night on accutane i woke up with two huge muscle spasms, one in each leg. I could hardly walk. I had a
  7. i cant remember where i read it, i think in one of the many warming pamphlets they give you when you are prescribed accutane. It said that taking tetracyclins while on accutane can increase the chances of brain inflammation wich can lead to blindness and other serious issues. i was on mino, benzaclin, and differin before i started accutane. my derm had me stop everything three days in advance.
  8. My derm gave me clindamycin 1% gel a while ago before i started accutane. she said it would help with the red/purple marks that my acne left. can i use this to spot treat my red marks while on accutane?
  9. my doctor had me what a few days before starting but that also could have been due to my antibiotic usage.
  10. i do agree that mtohers worry too much some time. im a dancer. most people would assume that i just flail around all day but its actually quite difficult and strenuous on the body. i have been drinking alot of water while on accutane but havent gone the sports drink route. thank you for all your help. i will let you know what happens....again, THANKS!
  11. thanks so much for the advice. do you think its anything to call the doctor about?...im trying to convince my mom to stop worrying. haha.
  12. i was once in that same situation but i was the one pushing the accutane. i also blush/flush when nervous, or embarrased but i have found that i flush much less when i am confident in myself. im not confident when i have acne. i am only six days in but am having a good experience so far. good luck with what ever choice you make.
  13. hi. i woke up last night with a huge muscle spazm in both my right and left leg. they were so painful to the point of tears almost. i had a really intense day of physical excersise, im not really worried about it but i also thought it was kinda wierd. any clues???
  14. Hi. I just started accutane a few days ago due to my extremely persistent acne. Its the last straw for me and im really hoping it will pull through. Im a dancer so i sweat pretty much all day. My mom isnt sure how much my skin is ever going to clear up due to the fact that i sweat so much, but i havent heard much about sweat while looking over everyones topics. Does sweat make acne worse?...does is have any correlation at all? Thanks!
  15. im seventeen and just started accutane a few days ago. i have moderate persistant acne that i have been dealing with for year now. i have used retin a, benzoyl peroxide, many antibiotics, and topical creams. Im hoping this gets rid of it for good. i have had zero side effects so far.