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  1. I always thought all my problems were casued by my acne that I had for three long years. I always told my parents my life would be amazing if I just didn't have so much acne. Like most people here I was obsessed with my acne, checked the mirror every five minutes for possible improvements. It was all I could think about. The first thing i thought about when i woke up and what I thought of when I went to sleep was my acne. I couldn't be comfortable in the light or talking to people. Looking someo
  2. It sucked very badly to be on it but its all worth it in the end. If your at a point where your ready to clear your acne at all costs your going to have to endure a little pain during the treatment. Most annoying are dry lips and flushing redness.
  3. How long did it take for your lips to return to normal after finishing your course of accutane?
  4. I'll be finishing accutane very soon and am going to a wedding 4 days after I finish the course. I'm on a five month course of 80mg the whole way and my acne is completely cleared up. Would it be alright to do some real drinking there 4 days after I finish? I have only drank once on my course and it was only 2-3 drinks and my tests have all been perfect. By real drinking I mean like maybe 6-7 drinks.