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  1. Why do you think you need oil-free moisturizer? And I would suggest a separate moisturizer and sunscreen. You can wear both during the day, but only moisturizer before sleeping. Nightly application of vaseline or aquaphor should help the dry spots and peeling.
  2. Well, you should tell us where your country is. Or the general region.
  3. Then, your best bet is to import if from other EU countries. BP is pretty common in Germany, for example. Try ebay, or online pharmacies.
  4. How about Korean or other Asian brands? A lot of them are pretty affordable.
  5. No point. If that AHA works for you, no reason to switch.
  6. Ruined moisture barrier? Try gentler washer like oil cleanser perhaps. And lots of vaseline every night.
  7. As far as I know, benzoyl peroxide is not really available in Europe. Perhaps ask your local pharmacist for alternative spot treatment. Or try ebay. 10% glycolic acid on the other hand is available. Like Neostrata or Paula's Choice. Or try ebay.
  8. Being in Europe, there must be other non-BP OTC spot treatment available. Like salicylic acid or sulfur. Ask your pharmacist.
  9. Perhaps just stop and see if it improves? You could also try other OTC acne solutions like AHA or BHA, and see whether they are better for your skin. Try vaseline or aquaphor to fix the dry patch.
  10. So, let me get this straight. Derms say one thing. And online strangers on acne.org say another thing. And I should trust you guys? Doesn't really make sense. If you claim derms and researches lie about lasers, why should you trust their other treatments? LIke subcision, infini, vbeam, tret, isotret, acids, etc.
  11. Try one first, slowly. I don't think it's smart to introduce both at the same time. You may irritate your skin.
  12. Don't overdo it. Introduce new products slowly. And yes, you should use moisturizer before or after retinoid product.
  13. How about trying LRP moisturizer and sunscreen? If you think LRP is too expensive, try a cheaper brand.
  14. If you typed the ingredients to sites like cosdna.com, obviously you would find quite a few "acne triggers". But whether this product will give acne to you, who knows. Everyone's skin is different.
  15. Have you considered talking to your school counselor? Not able to ask a doctor about your acne while your parents were present sounds unhealthy to me.