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  1. Your dermatologist should know this.
  2. The first week I had the IB. It lastest for like a week. After that no new pimples and everything dryed up so fast. My face is now completely clear. Only my chin and back still has some acne, other than that im now 3 and a half weeks in, and like 100% clear on my face and other parts like 90%. I see my derm october 10th, and see what she will say. Will I still experience another IB? My face hasnt been this clear since like a year. Its insane.
  3. So I always had eczema on my hands, but it comes and goes. Im almost 3 weeks into my treatment, and I got eczema again, not only on my hands but also on my arms. Red burning and itching. I will ask my dermatologist about it when im going there again. ( october 10th..) Is there anything I should do to help it? Im putting Cetaphil hydrating cream on it right now. Thanks.
  4. Krackkid

    Just took my first accutane pill.

    Day 10 and I am calming again. xD Such a rollercoaster ride.
  5. Krackkid

    Just took my first accutane pill.

    Day 9 and I am breaking out again, it's always on my chin, someone knows why?
  6. Krackkid

    Just took my first accutane pill.

    Seems like my acne is calming and going down, and lips are dry as fuck right now.
  7. Krackkid

    Acne suffer

    Ask about accutane at your derm.
  8. Krackkid

    Just took my first accutane pill.

    Today I am officially a week on accutane. No dry lips, only my skin is really dry where most of my acne is. I also got my ib on day 4. EDIT: My lips are getting more dry and dry. But its not to a point where its like bleeding or flaking.
  9. Krackkid

    Just took my first accutane pill.

    2 or 3 months is a nightmare. That's going to be the worst time of my life lol.
  10. Krackkid

    I give up.

    Yo bro I know how you feel, I'm 24 and my face go ran over by a 18 wheeler 50 tonne truck. Go to a doctor, she will give you like duac acne gel, or benzoyl peroxide. Also she will give you doxycycline pills. If that doesn't work go see a dermatologist via your doctor. Stay strong bro.
  11. No because of my acne.i got the ib right now. It's pretty bad.
  12. Krackkid

    Just took my first accutane pill.

    On day 5 and seems like I'm getting the ib. Hopefully it doesn't last long.
  13. I love how you came back after a year to post. Im on day 5 of my accutane, im at 40MG a day. Goodluck!
  14. Krackkid

    Just took my first accutane pill.

    Thanks. Im on Day 4 now and I dont have any side effects yet. When should I start to get dry skin and lips? I do get some more acne, but I'm not sure if that is because I have acne, or because of accutane.