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  1. hello all. well, aside from a few bumps that came out of nowhere last week (booo pms !!) that are clearing up now, i have no active acne. it's wonderful. now if only i could get rid of the marks left from the past 10 months of horrific acne... oh well, hopefully i'll find something that works soon. i'm actually kinda hesitant to put anything new on my face; i'd hate to try a new product and have it mess up the progress i've made. actually, just yesterday i went a full day without apply
  2. Havent been back with any updates in a while... I didnt disappear though! :] Just busy. Anywho.... I am proud to say my face is 98% clear at the moment. I wish the red marks would go away cuz my face still looks less than perfect but, no active acne so I really cannot complain. I am, however, having problems with blackheads. I seem to be getting them more often, mostly around my nose and mouth/chin. Only once in a while do I get one that gets irritated and turns into a nasty little zit but they
  3. Thanks for the info. :] I'm pretty anxious to try it now... hopefully I'll have as much success as you have.
  4. I read that applying an apple cider vinegar and water mixture twice daily helps to diminish the appearance of red marks... I'm curious to try it. I dont use any chemicals on my face.. all my methods are all-natural so I'm leaning toward this method more than anything else. For anyone who's tried it, does it work? Any info on it is much appreciatd. And any other suggestions are welcome as well. :] Thanks
  5. I always wondered if I could get away with that...oh the crap I went through trying to wash my face in the bathroom at school and find some way to apply the urine in a stall with my little dixie cup, we could probably write a hilarious book :) Seriously in the beginning it was so foreign, my efforts seemed extraordinarily comical, I was always cracking up at how funny the situation was. Humor in the bathroom is a great thing! Lol... I know exactly what you mean. I'm getting it all down
  6. Just checking in with my usual updates. All is going quite well with the regimen... I've been doing this for a few weeks now and all my results have been positive. Almost completely clear now... no more really noticable pimples, just a few small bumps around my cheeks, mouth and chin. I'm confident that with regular, generous application to those problem areas, they'll be cleared up in a day or two as well. I really am very impressed with how well urine therapy has worked for me... I look
  7. I've never tried that form of BC (I stick to pills) but I had a little incident a few years back when I stopped taking my pills mid-cycle, it kinda threw my hormones all outta whack. My period didn't come for about 2 months and my body didn't regulate a normal cycle for quite a while. Not sure if your BC method works the same way pills do though. But, thought I'd give you my story, just in case. :]
  8. I eat oatmeal daily, Monday thru Friday at least because it's all I have time to make on my work mornings and I haven't seen it have any effect whatsoever on my acne. I've recently started a new regimen (see my other posts on other topics if you're interested) that's working wonderfully for me. My face is clearing up drastically and I'm still eating my oatmeal. Just thought I'd put in my 2 cents. :]
  9. Jen, you're really becoming quite the hero around here. :] And rightfully so! Like I said before, I admire you for even posting on such an unconventional topic. Even if others have tried this method, I'm not sure many people would be so willing to share it. I'm so glad you did though... you're helping alot of people. :] As for me, nothing but positive feedback of course! I'm honestly starting to get excited. I wake up in the morning and my face looks better and better everyday. Literally! :
  10. Thanks so much for the info on the site, Jen... I'm gonna check it out right now. :] Still having positive results. Been a little more difficult to keep on top of a consistent schedule with it but I apply at least 2-3 times a day. I'll keep posting.... Good to see others are having luck with it as well. :]
  11. Its me again. :] Trying to keep posting regularly, as I said I would. The urine therapy is still having positive effects. Now if only I could keep my hands away from my face... I have to confess: I'm a picker. :[ The urine therapy heals pimples so fast and so well but the moment it turns into a scab type bump (one that would go away in another day or two IF i'd let it) I have the urge to pick at and irritate it, so though it's not a pimple anymore, it's still this awful red mark on my face
  12. Yea, that's what I'm hoping for... once the problem areas I have completely clear up (and it is definitely making progress!) I really think the urine therapy will help to maintain a clear complexion. I'm so glad I tried it;; and a big huge THANK YOU to Jen for posting the topic in the first place, in spite of all the BS so many people have had to say about it. :] F*** the haters! lol
  13. It really would be unfortunate to have a relapse like that. But so far, so good with me. Going on 3 weeks product-free now. Just since my last post, I've even quit using my moisturizer. And the person who convinced me to go for a soap and NOTHING else has been doing so for months already. Of course she still gets an occasional blemish, who doesn't... but it's worked for her long-term so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :] I suppose it really is different for everyone;; skin types vary so much,
  14. Oh yea, I forgot to add one thing!!!!! Urine is a GREAT moisturizer!! lol Seriously, my face can get reallllly dry sometimes. Since I've been doing urine therapy, I haven't used my moisturizer even once. Even if it wasn't clearing up my acne, I might use it based solely on the moisturization it provides. :] K, just thought you should know.