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  1. Hey, for those of you who've tried Quinoderm and Duac Gel, which of the two made your skin drier? I have tried Quinoderm but can't use it often because of the sensitivity of my skin... Will Duac Gel also dry out my skin very badly? What are your experience of this gel?
  2. I never talk about it with strangers because that would just be embarrassing! I talk about it ALL THE TIME with my mum! In fact, I was moaning about ten minutes ago about how much worse my skin had gotten. I think it helps to let it all out sometimes, but I'm pretty sure my mum gets annoyed with how much I talk about it! I don't really talk about it with my friends as none of them have acne and don't really understand how upset I get about it sometimes. Also, they're always complaining about the
  3. Good idea! Erm... I like the colour of my eyes.............. Yeah. I think that's it. LOL
  4. I've had acne since I was 14 and I'm now nearly 22. Like yourself, I tried almost everything and then, out of desperation, decided to try Accutane when I was 16. It seriously was the best thing I ever did! I had clear skin for nearly 2 years afterwards (this is after having spots literally on every inch of my face!). Unfortunately, the acne came back (but not quite as bad) so I went on it a second time (my skin cleared up well again). But now I'm not taking anything (I came of Dianette over a mo
  5. So I've been on Accutane twice and sadly, after a year or so, the acne returned... When I was 15/16 (before I was first put on Accutane), my spots were like small, bright red, flat circles all over my face, I hardly had any raised bumps... Weird, huh? But now, my acne is kinda returning (it's been over 2 years since I was on Accutane for the second time and I've just stopped taking Dianette) but instead of having these bright red dots on my face, I now have MASSIVE clusters of spots that grow fo
  6. This has probably been asked before but when your friend has one (or maybe two!) spots and moans about it to you/in front of you, do you feel angry/embarrassed, etc.? I don't think my friends do it on purpose but if they have one lousy spot, they moan about it, saying stuff like "urgh, I look so disgusting because of this big, red spot" and I just stand there with my face full of big, red spots, red marks and scars feeling slightly offended! Maybe I'm just jealous that they only have one spot t
  7. Yep, this happens all the time to me too! Now when I have few spots on my face, I don't get my hopes up because I know I will wake up with more spots the next day... *sigh*
  8. Hey! Thanks for the add(:

  9. oh right, just down the road from me then, i'm at king's college! i'm not looking forward to summer, i gotta find a job!!! i'm sure you'll have a nice summer though!

  10. Queen mary's in east london! Its ok but I'm still only in my first year. Im guessing third year is a load more work thoo? Let's ace these exams, can't wait till summer!

  11. oh cool, good luck with them! i've got my final year exams in may/june too.. stressful times! where you studying? i'm in london.

  12. Yeeh History at uni. Really interesting, but a whole lot of information to cram!!

  13. good luck with exams! what they for? uni?

  14. I'm ok thanks, still find life tough and also sshiit i got exams starting in 3 weeks! but im fighting yo!

  15. hey! yeah, my skins looking better now thanks! how you doing?