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  1. It's dry skin that wants to be scratched away, but that's irritating. Try the tape method.
  2. I have some irrititated red dry spots around my nose (not on it, just to the left and right). Some of the spots are quite large, maybe 0.5cm in diameter but the others are the size of a small zit (but they are not zits, I guarantee). There is a picture below. How can I treat them because it seems everything irritates them (every cleanser, soap, gel, cream, lotion, moisturizer, etc.).
  3. I just bought Nivea for Men Sensitive Shave Gel and it's been great so far.
  4. I just have mild acne (you can hardly see it in good light) but in bad light the red marks (very tiny) are noticeable on my cheeks. My doctor prescribed Stievamyclin which is erothromycin and tretinoin in a topical gel form. I put it on every night and lightly wash it off every morning. I moisturize with a Cetaphil moisturizer (and cleanse with Cetaphil too). So far, no improvement (it's been 17 days) but I am starting to notice the pimples being brought to the surface and I am not getting