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  1. Ok, this is really funny (I'm seriously laughing) So it IS supposed to have some sort of smell? My other one had NO smell whatsoever, so I want to make sure it's normal. I am just concerned because I'm getting married in two weeks so I can't be using a "bad" product
  2. I was using desert essence jojoba oil, and I just ordered Dan's and used it for the first time a few minutes ago- I noticed it has a strange odor- this may sound weird but the first thing that came to mind was bacon. My desert essence has no scent at all. Dan's is also darker in color. Should I be concerned or is Dan's supposed to have a scent? thank you
  3. thanks, I will give them a try. while we're at it, any rec's for shadow liner? I plan to use that for my wedding too.
  4. Hi, I need a mascara for my wedding nexct month, and everytime I wear mascara (which is only about 3 times since I've started accutane) my eyes have gotten red and irritated. I want to start wearing one regularly now in the weeks leading up to my wedding so my eyes can get more used to it, but I need recommendations. I need a really gentle mascara. I have Clinique's gentle waterproof, but that caused problems too (it is about 2 years old though which may be a problem too) Anyway any suggesti
  5. thanks for the congrats. I have tried jojoba oil in the past but was never sure if it was causing acne (obviously it's hard when you have acne and you can't pinpoint one product)....I guess I'll give it a shot again and see.
  6. Hi, I'm starting to freak out because my wedding is in 2 months, and I am scheduled to finish my last dose of accutane 4-5 days before my wedding. My derm just upped my dose from 60mg/day to 80, because I am still experiencing a few breakouts. My wedding is in drier climate than where I am now, and obviously accutane, dry air, and makeup do not mix! I really have no clue what to do, I use mineral makeup on a daily basis but this isn't good for events/photos. Also, my skin tends to be dry b
  7. Are you still getting pre-period breakouts? Is it better than before accutane?
  8. I am a 29-year old female and have been on Sotret since 1/15/08. I got my initial breakout after month 2, when my Dr. upped my prescription to 60mg/day. Luckily, that calmed down and my skin has been pretty good since then (for the first time in my life I am not insanely oily, and I was hardly breaking out at all). Last month I managed to avoid a hormonal breakout, but this month I got 5 new pimples (one really big, painful one and the rest are pretty small, but still annoying). I will be at
  9. I just started Sotret. I'm supposed to take 30mg/day, but for the first 2 days I've only taken 10mg/day (I really don't want to shock my body-it took me this long to start the medication; been battling mild-moderate since age 12 and now I'm 29). I've used retin-A micro .1% (the strongest dose) for over a year, and it has helped, but not enough. I also use a bp cleanser and 4% salycylic acid. So yes, I have very tough skin, and this is winter! Anyway, I am terrifed to stop all products at o
  10. I just went on spiro 50mg about 6 weeks ago. After about 4 weeks, I noticed that my skin was a lot clearer (less jawline/chin breakouts). At that time, I had the clearest skin I've ever had since going off the pill 3 years ago. The first month, my period came 3 days early (I have been extremely regular for 2 years prior, so it was strange to have my cycle change), Then, this month I am now 8 days late. And I am definitelt not pregnant. Is it normal to have late periods on spiro as well as cl