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  1. I've donated hair to locks of love twice in the past 5 years. My hair grows long, fast, and with few split ends while showering and washing my hair every day. In fact, I just got a hair cut last week and hadn't had one for 11 months. The stylist couldn't believe it since my hair was still in good condition. However, when I started accutane, I suddenly had dandruff. I tried dandruff shampoo and conditioner and found that neither worked. What did help was putting jojoba oil on my scalp a few
  2. I don't know exactly, but my derm started me on 40 mg (really horribly bad cysts) with the intent of switching me to 80mg the next month....apparently you tend to have the sudden bad break out if you start on as high as they want to keep you.
  3. Thank you very much... I'm sorry you went through it the hard way. I will take that route of saying I know rather than I think. And I will be much more assertive. That will probably make a big difference. I can only hope that this dermy is better than the last. If not, I'll call my parents doctor who would probably give me one of those meds without even seeing me (my old doctor but I just moved too far away and haven't found a new GP yet) . Thank you, really.
  4. Hi, I am relatively positive I have folliculitis and not acne (probably actually with mild acne). I discovered this Saturday night after looking on forums. I can not get an appointment with my regular dermatologist for two weeks because of over booking and I wanted to get a second opinion anyway. I saw a lady today who shouldn't call herself a dermatologist because she wasn't in the room for even 5 minutes, didn't ask questions, didn't answer questions, and didn't listen at ALL. Anyway.
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  6. I use Yes to Carrots moisturizer (C you in the Morning). I don't think its thick, but I know its not the thinnest moisturizer. I like it because it actually moisturizes and you might end up only needing it at night or every other day. I've only found it at Wlagreens so far.
  7. I use Yes to Carrots C is for Clean face wash. I believe it might be an all natural brand. It has dead sea mud in it which gives a very gentle, small scrub. Smaller than sugar so its softer to your skin. I love this stuff. The face wash does NOT have SLS in it, it does not foam. Its found in Walgreens. And by the way...SLS bothers my mouth and gives me canker sores so I use Squiggle toothpaste...only found online.
  8. I am old enough to start accutane and will in a few weeks, however, I did find certain things helped more than others. Really not a whole lot as I am going to start accutane, but they did help. 1. Yes To Carrots facial cleanser (C is for Clean). It has dead sea mud in it which sounds odd, but it has a light exfoliation. Just enough exfoliation to take off the severely flaky skin but not so strong that it irritates the skin. 2. Yes to Carrots moisturizer (C you in the Morning). It actuall
  9. BTW - www.myintimacy.com And I'm a 32DDD and yet had a HUGE selection of bras to choose from.
  10. Yeah, the positive side is good Giovanni. However when you're a teacher and see 700+ people a day and you actually have students ask what's wrong with your face (among other variations), its pretty hard to think about the fact that real friends don't care.
  11. I have awful acne. My face was almost flawless a year ago. I am about to start accutane but am doubtful as to whether or not it will work. My face is not oily at all. My pores are not clogged. My acne started near my mouth and is now a little further out. There is not a lot of acne, its just DEEP and HUGE (we're talking one is currently an inch wide). Has anyone else seemed to have this kind of acne? Did your dermatologist do anything for you? Did anything help? Have you tried acc