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  1. Day 1 of Azelex Day 2 of Menstrual Cycle I have made a decision: I am going to switch to the Azalaic Acid, specifically Azalex. I am tired of the complexities of BP, and worrying about getting it on my clothes/sheet/son. And BP is not considered very safe for pregnancy or breastfeeding, so I think, with Crystal_Willow's encouragement (thanks so much!) I'm going to make the switch to Azalex. I can't foresee doing the BP routine long term. It's too harsh and too time-consuming. I st
  2. OK, so the cystic thing I reported in my June 9 post has gone down a little bit...but I've gotten two new HUGE cystic outbreaks in the last day. I'm so upset about this. I was just at the dermatologist for cortisone shots and I REFUSE to go more than once a week. But the dermatologist and shots seems to be the only way I can live with huge breakouts. So frustrated that I'm back where I started in the regimen - miserable with multiple cystic outbreaks. I feel like I'm almost having a pan
  3. Today is nearly the 30 day mark. I just had the dermatologist inject cortisone into three jawline breakouts from the last week, then came home to find a new, possibly cystic breakout developing on my cheekbone. So, I'm not feeling so encouraged that the regimen is working. I am forcing myself to give it two months, possibly three. It's very frustrating to be dealing with these deep zits that seem to lurk and be painful but never come to the surface. I thought the BP was helping my brea
  4. Hi, My midwife says you should not use topical BP during pregnancy. Other sources say it is fairly safe, but the midwife is being conservative. The midwife also said that I could just stop using BP after I get pregnant because it wouldn't reach the fetus right away. No need to preemptively stop before you're pregnant. Giving up BP is scary for me, as I'm just starting to see results from the regimen and hope to get pregnant in the next few months. If I get pregnant, I may use a benzoy
  5. Hi Everyone, I hope to get pregnant in the next few months and I'm on the regimen now (been on it for about 3 weeks) for my mild acne (usually have 2 or 3 active spots at any given time). I haven't seen a whole lot of improvement on the regimen over these three weeks, but it has worked for me in the past. I would probably have to stop BP if I do get pregnant - just wondering how stopping the regimen has gone for everyone. Are horrific breakouts a given? Azelaic acid (Azelex or Finacea)