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  1. i know.. i wish i was the 1 of 10 not wearing it, cus im so sick of having to cover them up everytime i leave the house. i mean, im not ugly, it's just my frickin skin that ruins so much, if i didnt had this shit on my face i would never put on foundations ect , i hate it, and the nasty scars.. feels like a curse.. but the again i don't acne looks that bad on guys as it looks on girls. i mean, i barley notice it on others, okey i do if they have a lot, but it s not so bad if u now what i mean..
  2. hehe its easy for guys to say it. u don't wear make up anyway, but i see where ur going. i mean, it would be the best not to make up at all, i wish i didn't had to use it anyways.. but when everybody are used to see u with make up, u can't suddenly show up looking like a pizza face like i do atm :( i have the same problem, before i used liquid foundations ect,now i only use mineral make up, and take it off as soon as possible.
  3. also i used to have acne on my shoulders and back...real bad...its so clear now you couldn't tell i used to have it. but yeah i too am worried that itll come back...big cysts have been going down my neck and i fear it will keep traveling..

  4. i read your post from aug 21...i totally know what you mean..everything you have written...same words coming out of my mouth lately...had a great diet then faaaked it up and i'm back to having a faaaked face.

  5. isn't cocao powder something that breaks out many? hmm.. i dunno.. i thought in chocolade it was the sugar ,the milk and the oil that lead to breakouts not the cocao bean itself. so as long as its 100% cocao i thought it would be ok. or i've started to drink it resantly and havent noticed any negative side effects.., hm
  6. what about decaf ? or 100% cocao powed with some delisious rice milk ? mmmm
  7. no problem i actually liked the taste too, and everybody was bragging how good it was and how much it had helped them so i had to give it a shot myself. i drank it in liters,litteraly. -- which gave me a huge breakout since i was on a very strict diet, i could tell it was the green tea since it was the only thing i had added to my diet (and till then i was doing just fine) it made my skin REALLY greasy( i have normal skin type) i couldnt belive it at first, but i realized it was that. maybe i
  8. Hii yeah i made a thread about it too..http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Green-tea...=green+tea+oily haven't touched green tea ever since
  9. i NEVER wash my face when i take a hot shower.. i read somewhere that when you wash your face with hot water the pores kinda get 'glued' together..after stopping this i noticed i got fewer whiteheads,but that maybe beacuse of my regime and everything,so i dunno... i wash my face once at the morning , with iiice cold water and wash with SEBA MED this is the one i use : http://www.sebamed.com/index.php?id=2288&L=1 seba meds homepage.. http://www.sebamed.com/281.html
  10. Ive kinda been on the candida diet since april i think, and when i first started , i started slowly,garlic,oliveleaf extract, grapeseed extract, some coconutaoil,and some kefir and that was it. i was VERY strict with the suger, but i did eat fruits though, NO GRAIN or WHEAT whatsoever... i did experience a die of reaction when i first stared the diet.i had headaches,felt foggy in my head, sleepy,sore trought ect... but soon after starting the diet i got the epstein barr virus (dunno if this has
  11. i just let it dry on its own. no towles nada
  12. heey guys! long time no see, i've been away for the whole summer, but i've been reading and trying to catch up with u, just haven't had the time to write or comment anything.. how is everyone? anyone cured this cures? well here is the thing.. right before summer my skin looked amazing, i had managed to stop my imflamed breakouts , whiteheads or blackheads, just red marks fading. i really had it going on. to be honest, i was taking a lot of vitamins n herbs like b vitamin, c, zinc, chrom,olive
  13. yea stupid candida, diie.. i gotta question about coconut... is it good to eat it raw. i mean, the once you can buy it in small bags, people usually use them when making cakes. i mean, like this it doensn't have any difference right,and does it kill candida? plz say it does cause i just ate a lot of that too lol
  14. nice to know, since i just ate a lot of garlic XD