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  1. Acne pigmentation. It goes away with time. Make sure you don't have active any or further breakouts to prevent this from happening or actual scarring. Try BENZOYL PEROXIDE
  2. I have been using BP for approximately 5 months non-stop everyday as shampoo and face wash. However, I am going to discountinue to see if I am fully free of this. It has been three days and so far so good, my skin doesn't get dry or anything from shampoo or normal body/ face washes. My lymph nodes are still shrunken. I no longer have seb derm either. I believe I was probably infected with GNF and BP eradicated it.I think this happened in the first place because I tried the caveman regimen which
  3. @deades Keep doing BP ur skin is getting used to it. First week i looked sunburned and i kept going because I wasnt getting pustules.
  4. @TaralliMonster Use only BP. Dont use epiduo since it has other stuff in it. BP wash on scalp and face. The shampoo u are using may contribute to ur breakouts. @Silverinca to be fully clear it took me like a month. I noticed that if I got a pimple it was way smaller and non inflamed and lasted very little. Eventually I didnt get anything anymore. Now if I get a pimple is maybe once a month and its very small and non inflamed and its probably irritation from the shaving. My lymph nodes behind t
  5. @FungalAcne Perhaps maybe there is no cure and there is only ways to control it. Im 100 percent clear with BP wash and I dont mind. Some people are slave to skincare routines and other to diets in order to avoid breakouts. My bp wash is 7 dollars and it lasts me almost a month. Its something I can buy at walgreens and dont need a prescription. Im fine with that. It saved me from being self conscious every minuted of the day. From cancelling dates with girls. From going to the bathroom in every p
  6. @jcbdigger365 It looks more like folliculitis to me. The breakouts are near hair follicles. I suggest BP wash. I tried sulfur before and it only dried the hell out of me and caused more breakouts. I tried rosacea medication such as soolantra and oral metrodonizale and it didnt work either. If I were you try BP.
  7. Type in google gram negative folliculitis and bp. You are going to see a couple of studies of how it talks about the complications of antibiotics leading to folliculitis and how it was managed with bp succesfully. Im already clear and I wouldnt be saying this to mess with u guys. I understand the pain of this and I feel bad for not posting what worked for me since I could be helping someone. If u decide to try BP wash. Dont stop if u see dryness and irritation. That happened to me at first. What
  8. There is a studies showing how gram negative is controlled/cured with BP. BP is effective with consistent use and applying all over face or as wash because it treats current spots but also prevents that is why when only as a spot treatment it doesnt work as well.
  9. No purging with bp in my case. If u had improvement with antibiotics then its bacterial in some way. That is why BP works for me.
  10. I use both the gel and the face wash. My skin is used to it. I wash my face at least once a day with bp. If I apply the gel its maybe 3 times a week all over face. If I apply the gel then i just splash with water and then I apply the gel. If I facewash my with bp cleanser then i dont use gel. U can do it however u want as long as ur consisten with bp and make sure u do it routinely so ur skin gets used to it. I use the clean and clear continuoua control for face and clear pore cleanser / mask
  11. Guys I suffered from the same breakouts as silverlight22 and crashoran. The folliculitis in the scalp and in the face especially around mouth, creases of the nose and beard area. I tried everything that if I mention the list you wont believe me. The only thing that cleared me up is Benzoyl peroxide. I had the pimples that were crusty and never healing. My skin was very flaky too. I use benzoyl peroxide as shampoo and facewash everyday. Ur skin adaps to it. Sometimes I moisturize with Aloe Vera.
  12. I have kept using the bp wash as shampoo and cleanser on face. This a miracle. I just went to the barber and got a soccer player type cut with the beard on point. I'm clear guys. I tried retin a, mino, doxy, tetra, sulfur,caveman regimen, filtered water wash, fasting, intermittent fasting, no dairy, tanning, soolantra, oral metrodonizale, clindamycin oral and topical, sulfacematide , pyrithione zinc, salicylic acid, apple cider vinegar, clay masks, desitin. Oil cleansing method. Reality is I hav
  13. Basically. Ive been shampooing with benzoyl peroxide wash. Completely cleared my scalp of folliculitis. My lymph nodes shrank too. I didn't even get these results with antibiotics. For my face I use benzoyl peroxide wash too. There is one that is pretty gentle but still has 10 percent in it. Also, it has some oil so it moisturizes at the same time. I'm mad that I didn't figure this out before. My face is clear and my scalp too.