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  1. DAY SEVENTEEN 11/05/07 Well I have another bump. Could it be that the regimen is starting to wear off? I sure hope not! On a lighter note, my blemishes have really lightened, but it is still a pain to have to conceal these flaws. I will be away for a week or so. Take care guys.
  2. I apologize for being absent for a while! I've been busy. Anyway! DAY TWELVE 10/31/07 Well my face is 100% pimple-free! All I have to get rid of now are these darn blemishes and dented scars that I hate with every ounce of me! Happy Halloween you guys!!! DAY THIRTEEN 11/01/07 A busy day for all so I'm writing this on Note Pad. I had to extract some white heads today (yuck!) and I worked in the BS real well and aside from my face being beet-red, my nose is very-well polished and soft!
  3. Sorry I wasn't able to post yesterday! Making up for it now: DAY TEN 10/29/07 I am confident in Delna's regimen. Already I have noticed lightness of my blemishes. Increased ACV ratio to 1:8. Loving the egg mask as always. I will put on the drying lotion tonight to see if it would go well with the natural regimen. DAY ELEVEN 10/30/07 I woke up with my face somewhat peeling! My blemishes are now 20% lighter! I had to have my brother evaluate my face because it really is hard to tell
  4. I would give it to my 45 yr-old uncle who molested my 7-yr old niece a couple of days ago. No -- in addition, I will ask all of you guys to give your acne to him. F*cking sicko.
  5. Hi, I don't know you but anyway, my opinion would be: -I agree with the fact that you have no right, because you were never involved in the issue anyway. Eventually he'll open up. But if you keep bugging him, he might say things to you that would hurt you, or he might leave you. Yet he should also keep in mind that you are his girl now, and you guys have to talk things together. My suggestion would be, leave him be for a while, but don't be distant. He knows what you want, he's just not rea
  6. DAY NINE 10/28/07 Well! I tried Delna's regimen, so I had to omit my regular toner to switch to the ACV. I used 1:10 ratio for starters -- no stinging at all, so I guess I have to go with 1:9 or 1:8. I also bought Jason's 98% Aloe Vera Gel. It stung at first, but it only lasted like a whiff. I loved the egg mask. My brother tried Delna's regimen with me, and we both noticed that our skin became smooth, but the scars still there. I hope when we wake tomorrow, we can say "wow" like the rest
  7. DAY EIGHT 10/27/07 Me again! My blemishes have lightened, I can tell! It's great. I can't wait till they disappear. Lol. Read Delna's natural regimen, so I'm gonna dash to the grocery first thing tomorrow and give the regimen a try. The unpricked pimple on my nose has pus in it, but I'm still a good girl and prefer not to fiddle with the damn thing. Elsewhere, flat pimples with red hues. And that's my main concern for now. Ta-ta!
  8. DAY SEVEN 10/26/07 Hello world! I bought Tretinoin .05% cream for my acne scars... I hope this works. My other pimple on my nose is almost gone, while the one I popped on my chin is ready to flake. The other two are still there and boy are they ugly. Good night!
  9. Yeah that's what I read about scrubs... But don't you think you have to scrub off impurities once in a while? I haven't scrubbed in a week, but scrubs feel good every now and then, especially on the nose area. Oh well. Good luck with your regimen.
  10. They are ugly freaking things, aren't they? I always try to pop them when they become that size. Which is a bad thing. What regimen are you on?
  11. Hello to myself again! DAY SIX 10/25/07 Got two new pimples on the nose. I wanna prick them so bad, but my brother said not to. So I'm trying to abstain from that habit for a while... I hope these things go away fast. My other pimple that I pricked is healing quite exceptionally, which is good. But I doubt it won't leave a freaking scar. Read something about lemon juice on an erupted pimple would prevent scarring tremendously. I'll buy lemons soon. About the pee, I still haven't tri
  12. Well I guess I am alone here. But it's alright. I'll just keep this as a way of talking to my other self. I read about the whole urine issue and I guess I wanna try it tonight. My brother thinks it's really gross, but I admit I have used blood from my menstruation before, so I am not really grossed out about the whole urine thing. DAY FIVE 10/24/07 I am a good girl. I didn't pop out the cyst on my chin. I want to, but I wanna give it a couple of more days. The one I did pop out has got
  13. HELLO EVERYONE! I am new here obviously. I want to share my journey towards having acne-free skin with you guys. It feels good to know that I am not the only one who's suffering from moderate acne. Actually my brother was a serious acne victim -- his face is all covered in dented scars from the acne, and he only has pimples every now and then. I do not want to follow what he's tried in the past, because we have different skin issues and so I wanted to hear from you guys, especially the on