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  1. well first month was horrible. IB to end all IBs then started seeing some improvement in week 5 was back to pre-tane status spotwise over weeks 6-7 week 8 started clearing up now in week 9-10 and am about 80% clear, having about 1 active spot at any one time was wondering if anyone else went through this period in which they are getting about 1 spot a day, i havent seen any improvement for 2 weeks but have just been at the same level, which im happy with but you know, i cant wait to have
  2. yes my friend. i was on illegal tane without an Rx for 2 months because i didnt want to wait the 2-3 months until my derm appointment, i wanted to get a head start if you will.... i expect this post/thread will be deleted because admin doesnt like internet tane promotion n wot not. cost me £110 per month ($320) for 80mg a day and i saw all the right side effects. i have now switched to legal roaccutane via NHS here in britain and am in week 8-9. i have seen bout 50% decrease in acne so far.
  3. started bout 5 days i, lasted almost exactly 1 month. worst month skin wise everrrrrrrrrrr but the hope keeps u going. and as for the how long till your clear questions, people will answer for others and say it varies n shit which we all already know so will just give u my side of the story and then u can get a good overall picture. i started seeing improvement in week 6, bout 50% clear now and am in week 7. hope to be 100% by week 12 xx
  4. Iv been on accutane without a prescription/illegally for 2 months now and im starting to clear up. i got referred to a derm 3 months ago and my appointment is on wednesday. do i..... lie to derm, say iv never done tane, hope blood tests are normal and he prescribes me accutane legally, so i can go that way from now on..? tell the truth, say iv been on 2 months already, and tht if he doesnt prescribe me tane il continue to take it illegally. i hope he will realise my situation in this case and
  5. does anyone know approx how long between first derm appointment (assuming prescribed tane) and taking that first pill for a 20 year old male? i know u have to do blood tests n stuff. just wondering how long it took generally?
  6. mate, i feel for you im on day 33 and am afraid i wont see any improvement. good luck pal
  7. so, ive been on tane 33 days ever since i started my spots have got progressively worse! i have all the side effects of tane which im glad about because it shows its working! will i suddenly stop getting spots or will the number of spots i get gradually decrease and my skin improve over time. i dont have scars at all luckily. am i correct in thinking about 80% of people are clear/significantly better after 3 months? thanks in advance
  8. On day 20. just wondering if people could say/approximate which day/week of month they were clear so i can get an idea of the average time taken and the standard deviations from that etc etc Thanks in advance
  9. hey mate, well ur basically just like me from what i can grasp im 6'3 205, weight train 4 times for me rugby. i dont see why ud have to stop ur protein bars mate, bar the fact their bare expensive. im on day 16 now of 80mg (4x20mg) but unlike u im doing mine without an Rx because it takes like 3/4 months to see a derm over here in the UK with the shitty NHS etc. after 16 days at 80mg, my lips are uber dry. my skin is fragile as fuck. got a few rashes. just coming to end of IB which is an a