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  1. I've stopped the reg and just started using apple cider vinegar on my face, It's stinky so, I only use it at night (straight on a cottonball) I've been doing this for over a week and have noticed a huge improvement. my mom is about the only one allowed to see me makeupless and she's said " I can't believe your face, it looks so much better!" the red marks are fading, my pores are shrinking and I'm getting this glow to my skin, it's also super smooth. there's a website that I went to, I started u
  2. I'm on the same boat. I've had to quit using this reg because not only was it way too harsh for my skin, It was also making my skin look much older from the BP ( i also experienced the wrinkled forehead which i never had before) which has gone away since I've stopped using the washes) and I was noticing something I've never ever had before, whenever a pimple would pop, even on it's own, It would leave a little scab and when the scab would come off it would leave a big deep HOLE! I posted a bulle
  3. I'm also giving a little update. I've been on this for 12 days now. I started about a week before with 4 fiber caps and worked up to 6. anyway, I do notice that I'm getting little white heads and pimples where I've NEVER had them before. my back, a little on my shoulders and even my neck! But, i was expecting it from what I've heard. I've noticed that my pores look bigger. I don't know why that is, I look at myself everyday in the mirror and they're definitely bigger than they were before. I'm a
  4. I've been taking the fiber for almost a week now and I barely notice a difference. I imagined the same, that I'd be constantly runnin' to the bathroom but, that's not how it works. (not for me at least) I just notice that when I do go, it's so much easier. I'm in and out in a few seconds. haha and I have been noticing that I feel a little better. I know i needed the fiber and I'm drinking more water which i also really needed.
  5. Thats sorta using the reg to spot treat. Your sorta prolonging the drawing period by focusing only on one area. I just want to inform everybody that I'm getting very close to finishing the site. I really want to make sure I get it right and dont release it to early. Do a lot of you in here have sensitive skin? Mine is super sensitive and I've been experiencing a lot of burning, redness and it makes my skin super dry. what kind of moisturizer do you suggest? and is this normal?
  6. what if your entire face is acne prone? I've been applying the wash to my entire face and letting it sit for 15 minutes. I also didn't get the chill factor, I got the original 10% BP on accident. I can't return it now so, please let me know if it's even worth continuing with what I have. thanks!
  7. ah, the person before you said he thought they were all right and I know you said chill factor but, I figured it would be okay. I can't return it now since I used it last night and this morning. OOPS! Hopefully, It'll do the trick. I didn't mean to go outside the regimen, It was an accident and I'll return the other stuff. So, this is my first day...I really hope this works for me! I'll be checkin' in to let you know how it's going. and I'm gonna hunt you down BFG, if my face starts melting off
  8. Hello, I'm new to this website. I came across this post and went through every page. It seems like there have been many people who have started this regimine and have been seeing possitve results but, of course I'm still a little scared to start it. haha I just went out and bought all the supplies you recominded. I'm not possitive I got the right stuff though,I'm gonna list what I got... 1. Oxy daily wash 10% BP 2. Oxy bar soap extreme alpine scent 3.Metamucil capsules with 100% natural psyilli