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  1. nala33

    Do not try !!!

    Do not try !!!

    This is straight up mineral oil !!!! Clogs pores and does not work. Don't even try this it's not worth it.
  2. Works pretty well on my sensitive skin

    I have extremely sensitive skin and can rarely use acne products with harsh chemicals such as these prescription ones. But, I mix Tazorac with my moisturizer (Renee Rouleau - the best) and use every other day. This has seemed to be helping my face stay clear but not too dry! I recommend this for people who can't tolerate most harsh chemical acne medications. Granted, during the winter I do get dry and have to use less than every other day. Happy with the effects this has on my skin.
  3. Great but should only use every once in a while

    Perfect for lips, but not ideal for long term use on facial skin. Helps heal things very quickly, but will clog pores and encourage blackheads over time as it is a very thick oil/jelly. I only use it when my skin is super dry and peeling and in pain- this really helps overnight and won't break me out if I just use it once in a while. Useful but be careful!
  4. nala33

    May be worth it for some

    May be worth it for some

    Upon starting to use jojoba oil on your face, your skin WILL purge! It could take your skin a month to settle down. If your skin likes this oil, after that time it should clear up some. Jojoba is pretty good to hydrate your skin. However, breakouts continue often because of internal reasons. Also, some people's skin will never like this oil and will only be broken out by it. Worth a shot if you are willing to try and don't have many other options, but it just wasn't worth it for me to keep using