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  1. Hey Esmerelda, The only thing that has worked for me so far is Chinese Medicine. I It's very expensive but I would highly recommend it. I was also sceptical at first but I gave it a shot. If you are in London I would highly highly recommend Dr Lily at Acumedic in Camden. If not, google TCM (traditional chinese medicine- dermatology) wherever you are in the world. I also stopped using all oil-targetting facewashes and harsh chemicals and started using gentle soaps to
  2. Do not use for localised acne

    Hello friends, I had moderate acne solely on my right cheek- literally never a spot anywhere else. This went on for about two years, and was starting to scar- potted, red, etc. So I forked out to see a derm, who prescribed epiduo. I used it for 7 months exactly. The first 4 months were utter hell. From having mild 'bumpy skin and max 2 spots' on my cheek i went from having full blown deep cystic acne. months 4-7, slowly cleared up, but has left scarring. &
  3. hello i am in mid twenties and bizarrely i have the same thing. i initially had it on both sides of my face (only cheeks) i then took chinese medicine for about a year and the left side of my face completely cleared up. but the right persists as bad as ever. i tried cutting out diary, wheat and sugar. bizarrely, made it worse! have you got anywhere with this?
  4. Hello, I know this was a long time ago but I'm wondering if you're still using it and how it's going? thanks! A