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  1. My SGPT is 75 and the normal level is 55. My chlestoral level is 258, which is also higher than the normal level of 200. My derm could put me on Accutane for while, but I am not sure if I should take the chance?
  2. thanks. But my derm told me that IPL is tpretty effective in treating acnes as well as redmarks. He showed me the Head of his IPL machine, which has the word "Acne" on it.
  3. My derm suggested me to get IPL photo treatments. He wants me to get 8 treatments, one treatment per week. Is it really effective on scars? is getting the treament once a week neccesary if money is a concern?
  4. What is the best BP? Clearisil or Oxy?
  5. I derm told me on Monday that I should not do any peels at home because I have active acnes. The acid could burn my skin through open wounds on my acnes and leave big scars!!!!!
  6. I have found the combination of the two is too irritation for my skin. Does anyone like Retin A for scar reversion? I am using retin A micro 0.04% Super CP serum is working for me. spo far I have seen 10 to 15% of improvement after 3 weeks.
  7. I went to see my derm today. He told me that I should not do any salicylic peel or glycolic peel at home because I still have acnes on my face. The acid could go into the holes in acnes and might cause scars. It scares me!!! He used photo IPL on my face today and asked me to use Retin A again on my shallow scars. He also told me that fraxel is pretty good for shallow scars. Maybe I will try it later.
  8. they don't. It is the best topical for small acnes.
  9. I leave it overnight and apply EXfol serum on top of it. It did imporve the appearance of my scars a little bit, nothing substantial.
  10. I have been using 2% salicylic acid wash and 10% gycolic gel on a daily basis before I did A-correct peel. I ordered 10% Salicylic peel and 20%Glycolic peel from naturalskinshop.com. I am a little hesitate to use it since I had bad experience from A-correct peel. Does this acid actually peel my face? how long is the downtime for these peels, if any. What kind of things should I watch out for?
  11. For the whole face. It's also called Photo Facial. My derm told me that one of his patient did it 8 times, he will not get any cysts after the treatments. I think it it pretty effective on red marks.
  12. you have a tough skin. I think people should go crazy at first.
  13. Yes, my derm just told me about it two days ago. i am going to do it again. I did it once, I felt like my face was burning.
  14. Super CP serum does not irritate my skin. I think it's pretty safe for long term usage.
  15. It depends on your skin type. I think I applied it too much on my face because I left the A-correct cream on my face overnight for two nights. I also used Salicylic wash to clean my face during the process, which further irritated me skin. My skin formed scabs just like doing TCA peel. I personally think if you want to get a better result, your skin has to form scabs or crust. I did 25% TCA peel and the downtime of it was 10 days. I would say the downtime for A-correct peel if you use
  16. My face is actually fine now. Some scabs starts to fall off and the new skin is soft like baby's skin. It's not bad at all! I still need a few days to assess the condition. My point is: if your face is swollen after the peel, go get a cortisone shot and your face will be healed in no time.
  17. I used the clindermycin once (Not the gel form, the alcohol based lotion) and it faded most of the red marks. Do anyone else have this type of experience?
  18. I agree. for some people, there is no downtime. Since I have used so many different products, my skin is sensitive and I should have taken it easy. My skin is ok now. I am just waiting foir the scab to come off. I think if you use it right, it is just like using Retin-a.
  19. How about the existing red marks? I have tried several types of BP, I think Clearisil is the best because it does not dry up the skin like others. But the down size is that overusing of BP makes your skin look very old.
  20. No downtime? I started my first application on thursday night, then I applied it again on Friday night. On Sataurday, my skin starts to look horrible. Today is Tuesdy already, and I am still staying home. I plan to stay home until Thursday because my skin tone is uneven after the peel. My neck still has scabs. the area under my eyes form a think crust. It's not prety at all and this is one of the bigeest mistake that I have ever done in my life. I will be ok soon since I consulted my derm
  21. Maybe you are right. I feel pretty confident in the morning when I put BP on because it makes my red marks less noticeable. But I also think that since BP has bleaching effect, it's probably a good product to fade red marks. I need someone else's confirmation.
  22. I have used various products. I still think 10% BP is the best product to get rid of red marks. Any other products just cause too much unecessary irritations.
  23. Finally, don't ever put retin A on you neck area. It does not have much of oil glands and Retina A can cause severe irritation.
  24. yes, he told me that since I have not used retin A for a while, I should not put such a high concerntration of retina A product on my face. The strongest concentration I should put on my face is 0.1%. Further, he believed my face is irritated. He gave a cortisone shot and my redness immediately went away. He said that Retin A, salicylic acid and glycolic acid are all good products, but I can't overuse them. My face will be peeling for the next few days. He recommended me to only use wate