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  1. ooooh. Nice topic. I'm married now and I'm a more humble now than I was before. 5 or 6 years ago ( pre marriage), I wouldn't even look at a guy with acne or scars. Probably because I had acne and scars as well. I just wasn't confident in myself. You wouldn't know it by looking at me or talking to me though. Now that I am an old married woman, I see that looks are not that important. It's all about confidence and ... style at first. So if I were back on the dating scene would I date someone wit
  2. Wow .... those pictures made me feel sooooo much better. Seriously. Thanks guys for posting those.
  3. What really sucks is Almay only thought of lighter skinned people when making this. Its extremely rare that a founation or powder is too light for me. Heck I'm only in the c's with MAC - but almay's medium was too light. I love almay but - sigh - can't wear it.
  4. I just started using it. I have acne prone skin and redmarks ............... I've tried bio oil the last few days along with acv and AHA lotion ..... and I do see a difference. Slight - but I' m okay with that. I apply mine right after BP.
  5. I'm interested ... what happening with the diaper rash cream? Hows it working?
  6. Bought braggs and I love the taste! We'll see how it works though!
  7. I have been searching the boards today and am wondering ... can I take ( orally ) ACV store brand ( which is not clear but a brown color and is 5% acidity ) or do I have to have orangic ACV? Does it matter ?
  8. Let me know if it does break you out! I want to try it too!
  9. Well - until I got my Em - I went out and got some Almay smart shade. If I don't like it I'll return it. If I do like it - EM might just have to wait.... But really whats the worst that could happen - it'll too much make up? Never!
  10. Thats really good advice Siouxsie! How do know all these tricks? Does it come with a little tips guide? Or was just trial and error? What brushes are a must have?
  11. I really was trying to stay away from EM - just because of all the hype and I've tried minerals before and was not that pleased. BUT you guys got me. I ordered a sample kit yesterday and am excited! But my only worry is that there are alot of steps - like wet this but don't that - etc....