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  1. don't you have any pics from the time when you hadn't had any treatment yet? It's weird that you didn't have good results after all those treatments; after all your scars are very mild.
  2. I can leave it on my face after dermaneedling, no problem...I just asked coz I wanted to know why it is recommended...
  3. Is there any evidence on the effects of leaving the blood on the face after a needling session? I don't understand why it would be effective...it's just blood on your skin...Is it the same as PRP??
  4. yep, much less on the temple area...he's been very lucky.
  5. I think likewise, the temple area has a large drop of moisturizer/other gel ... Or maybe it's just an edited pic....
  6. Hi everyone, Is it better to dermaneedle on dry skin or to use moisturizer e.g. hyaluronic serum to ease the gliding? As for the aftercare...do you recommend that I use moisturizer on the days post-session? Is it better to not use anything and just leave the skin peel? Thanks.
  7. Do you recommend copper peptides+hyaluronic serum as aftercare? How about gliding serum with hyaluronic during dermaneedling?...is it better to keep the skin moist or to do the passes over dry skin? As for tretinoin, AHA, etc... I have glycolic at 40% which I perfectly tolerate...Is it good to have a peel once a month or so? I also have tretinoin at 0'05% but I've read some people break out and I don't wanna have acne...Some people say tretinoin ruins your skin, others say it worked wonders fo
  8. I had a dermaneedle session at home with derminator...It was quite painful at high-depth so I only had some passes at 1mm on the forehead, some at 1'5mm on the temples and some at 2mm on both cheeks. After the treatment my face was fully red and with blood, which I left for a while as a mask because I read it is good (PRP...)- Then I rinsed the blood off my face, and my skin was looking pink. After 4 hours the pinkness is going away and my skin looks almost normal which I don't like as I feel I'
  9. Yeah there's noy blood extraction but the needles leave your face full of blood (unless dermaneedle at short lengths)...that's what I meant.