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  1. Finished the last tablets today. Cant wait for normal lips to come back. Hate having dry lips all the time.
  2. Well i start the course in janurary and i have 1 more day to go until its all over. Me 209 days ago Me today, excuse the dry lips, hair and chipped tooth. In the first pic. I really recommend accutane. I went to the doctors and within 2 weeks i was at the derm. Just buy alot of vaseline and you should be fine.
  3. I usually just moisturise. But try putting your face in water then pat it dry with a towel then moisturise.
  4. I started on 60mg a day. And have been taking it for 13 days. Pretty good so far. Only bad thing is 3 massive cysts. 2 on each side of the nose and 1 on my chin. But they are starting to die down now.
  5. Hi good luck with accutane. Im on 13 days atm. Its going well. Have had the dreaded ib . Got a massive cyst on my chin and 2 on my nose. No college now for 4 days so hopefully it goes by then.
  6. Finally got onto accutane. On a 60mg dose. And on my third day. Will try to keep this post updated as much as possible. DAY 3- Well its going pretty well so far. Had a few headaches. No new spots. Face has got a bit redder.
  7. So i went to the derm, and i am gonna get accutane. Im having a blood test sometime next week and going back to the derm on Friday the 18th to actually get accutane.
  8. Hey, my name is Nevin. I went to the doctors about 2 months ago and he gave me Minocyclin and tomorrow i am going to the derm and getting accutane. Hopefully this will be the start of the end for me. Wish me luck. I will try to update everyday. I am also going to start drinking alot more water.
  9. 100 million dollars any day. You could buy accutane and you would be sorted and all that money you have left over. You guys would be stupid to pick clear skin over 100 million dollars.
  10. Is it alright to drink alcohol whilst on minocin??
  11. Back, he gave me some minocain or something, and he said he is gonna book me an appointment with the derm for some accutane cuz its starting to scar.
  12. Hehe just 1 hour till i leave for the doctors, when i get back ill post what he gave me.
  13. Woohooo, finally booked an appointment on monday. Hopefully i can finally get rid of this acne once and for all.
  14. Hey, your acne looks the same as mine. I wash regularly and it never seems to go.