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  1. Happy New Years to most of us! I can't include myself because this year so far has been exhausting and exhilarating, but mostly depleting of what little energy I had stored up. Because I'm still down with a case of pink eye this is going to be a somewhat brief message to say that I am very sorry I did not update much in the last few weeks, it's just there were reasons, plenty of reasons, but we won't go into details. Lady luck has been on an extended vacation and has apparently forgotten all
  2. Hello everyone, this is "Juan"writing at "Maia's" hoarse request. Maia is very very sick with a case of strep throat. While the holidays were very merry, they were also a little miserable. Maia will resume her posting very soon, until then, she wants to let you know that her regimen has not changed since the last treatment. She received an enzyme mask (as she nags me to highlight in bold) for hydration and the usual extractions. We both wish everyone a Happy New Year! Morning Routine Cl
  3. Update: My skin is now reacting towards the new additions of the regimen. My face has recently begun peeling once again, not something I enjoy particularly, but I'm hopeful that this will bring around the skin hiding under the dead cells and be rid of some scars I'd like to see diminished. During this process, what do people do to keep excessive peeling under control? Up to this point, the Hydrating Emulsifier has been a great help but it does little now. I was expecting it, especially
  4. It's been a long delay since I last updated which means I have a lot of catch up to do. My last treatment took place just this past Friday and I've been putting the regimen hard at work between studying for finals, christmas shopping, and getting the house renovated. The newest additions of visible acne have been from lack of sleep and irritation from my cell phone. Yeah my cell phone. It's left a flurry of both inflamed and non-inflamed pimples on my left cheek. I feel like I have a sidebu
  5. Updating two hours before my appointment, I have two new pimples that made their debut last night, I noticed that most of the zits try popping up in the most obscure areas that I might have missed such as my hairline or under my chin. My skin has long stopped flaking and my parents are complimenting how smooth (and shiny?) my face looks. Now when I take off my makeup at the end of the day, I only see the scars from past acne now which I hope to take care of soon. My session is at 2pm today an
  6. I think, instead of regaling you with stories about my very low key thanksgiving this past weekend I will sum up briefly with two turkeys celebrated with two different parties, lots of butter, vegetarian takeout, the occasional bucket of Crisco and the enthused reunion of family members gone unvisited throughout the year. This gap in time since last Thanksgiving inevitably unfolds a years worth of humiliating stories told with plenty of animated faces and a few jazz hands thrown in for shock va
  7. I apologize for the delay, our network at home has been down for days which I found ironic being that my mother works for At&t and so I'm here at the university campus computer lab with 50 other students furiously typing up essays for their next class. I'm just waiting for my history exam at 10am, no biggie (lies!). I'll just coast with confidence that my wits and expansive knowledge will get me through the next few hours (you're in denial, woman), and that in the end, I know damn well, I s
  8. 2 weeks in! My face has improved and my boyfriend (Juan Casanova >=) has noticed the change exponentially. My face no longer flakes and I'm terribly addicted to the cranberry cream. I heard that I may stop using the cream these next few weeks and that brings a pout to my face. My second appointment with Face Reality is today at 3pm and I'm already happy that the extractions will be far less in count than the first time around. Every day I wake up with this little glimmer of happiness t
  9. I have acne splattered in every open area of my face so I was mildly red for the afternoon. Laura laughed and pointed out that today would not be a good day to have a hot date. The after-pain isn't bad at all. =)
  10. Day 3 and 4 Acne has been drastically reduced but on day 3 it was flaking in the T zone and a little on my cheeks and nose. Day 4 was a little more oily but I guess I'd rather be a little oily than flaky. Any new zits? just one in fact. But I could actually chalk that up to sickness. My boyfriend transferred whatever bug he had and I've been in bed all day battling a fever. Application of Acne Med (benzoyl) will be stretched to 30 minutes instead of 15 and soon it will be 1 hour.
  11. Day 1 Evening Routine I began my regimen the same evening as my first in-clinic treatment earlier that day. I was given that large zip-locked bag of goodies containing the steps to clear skin. It contained Acne scrub, Acne Med, Salicylic Antiseptic Toner, Polygel Serum, Oil-free SPF 30 Micro TZ Sunblock, Cranberry cream, and dixie cups. Can't bring this load to the airport, no can do bud, that's why they think one step ahead of you and give you perfect 3 ounce empty bottles to fill just i
  12. Hello members and guests of Acne.org, My name is Maia*, and I've just been officially diagnosed with non-inflamed acne. Sounds like I just told you that I have cancer and three months to live instead of a zit infestation. Even if I'm not likely to die from a pimple, I didn't even know what non-inflamed acne even was and I've been trying to evict them with little or no avail since they first moved in at age 13 (note: if you can't differentiate whether you have inflamed or non-flamed acne read