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  1. Not for long term BP users / Sensitive skin

    Longtime BP user here, 10+ years. I wanted to try something different so I got a Skinoren prescription from Boots ( UK) online. Used it for about 4-5 weeks. I probably went little balls deep on it ( used too much from the off) but it made my skin so incredibly itchy. I also got a bit of a chemical burn on my cheek near to my nose. It would take about 30-60 minutes before my skin would feel normal. I also couldn't find any info about using a moisturizer in combination with it.... lots of confl
  2. Ronronson

    Not worth it.

    Not worth it.

    I used this for a month after years of BP use. I figured it was time to get off using Benzoyl Peoxide and try something else. At £18.99 its not cheap and i found it made my skin really greasey all over and didn't improve my condition. You're better off getting something on prescription which has an active ingredient in it. Of course, it may work well for you but in this instance i can't recommend.