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  1. haha ive always been curious about this " ohh theres no acne in a tribe in africe" lol, like if they put a mcdonalds there do you reallllly think they would start getting it?
  2. if you already have redness you should probly stay away from a regimen where you leave bp on yoru skin all day. some say it goes away after a while but it never did for me.
  3. meh i dont think protein shakes have any effect on acne. i also dont think their a waste like this guy is sayin, professional atheletes use them all the time.
  4. yea its some pimples, but mostly just redness. i was always wondering if it could be from shaving but i assumed that it wasnt because it wouldnt get so irritated on the rest of my face where i also shave, but ill try using my razors only once. thx for the advice tho ill try these things out
  5. i cut lotion out completely for 2 months to see if that was it but nothing really happened, and ive never even tried pads, but ill check out that neutrogen cream thx
  6. i just cant shake this crap on my chin, ive had this stubborn cluster under the right side of my lip forever. i stopped dkr like 5 months ago(after 8 months of use) and tried using just a wash twice a day, and lotion when i needed it. than i tried not washing with anything and just putting neosporin on my chin at night, that seemed to work for a little while but now its really inflammed again. im gonna just try using Purpose gentle cleansing wash and lotion for a while and see how that works
  7. ive worked in a cooler for a couple years and i still break out
  8. i work in a refrigerator and i still get red and have breakouts at work.
  9. its dan kerns regimen, a cleanser, 2.5% benzeryl peroxide, and lotion, twice a day
  10. ive been using Clean and Clear blackhead clearing scrub with salicylic acid like everyother day, i only use it after i shave, i just dry it with a towel.
  11. i have been having alot of trouble with redness in my face, i thought it was from washing it all the time and applying bp so i stoppped, i have pretty much been off bp for 3 months, occasionally washing it . and i still have alot of redness, my skin looks really irritated. anyone one know anything to use wash/pill that helps with redness and irritated skin?
  12. i used to have one on my forehead, i went to the derm and got a shot that got rid ofit
  13. just wondering if anyone knows a particularly good regimen for chin acne thats not really white head its just more of really red skin thats irritated and scabs over, gets really flaky. my skin flakes like crazy, will that subside if i stop washing my face with anything? im sick of waking up with hella skin flaked off, thx
  14. is it really dry and rashy? like if you scratch at it will it flake up?, cuz thats what happened to me. i had it for like 2 weeks and decided to try dans regimen on it and it cleared up in like 3 days.
  15. my acne is just like yours, leaving bp on my face really made my face red and didnt control the acne well enough to make it worth it, right now im just using a wash twice a day and not putting anything on my face. its working alot better for me