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  1. Hello, I have been using Nivea Original lip balm since the start of my treatment, 23 days ago. Apart from being dry and tight first thing in the morning,my lips have been brilliant. No cracking. Slight peeling but that's manageable. (although I am only on 20mg per day.) I apply about every half an hour and every time after eating or drinking. I hope your lips become better soon.
  2. Hello, I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a bad experience,after only 6 days,less than a week. I wanted to ask a couple of questions,if that was ok. Did anything happen to your skin within that short period of time? How much research did you do? What dosage was you on? How many times did you meet with your dermatologist before being put on to the drug? Whilst I would never say that what you felt was wrong,I do wonder how much of how you felt was to do with accutane. Did you read th
  3. Hi everyone, I am seeking some tips on what would be the best skin care products to use while on Roaccutane? I start on the medication on Tuesday. I have googled/Youtubed but typically all I seem to find are websites or Youtubers pushing the expensive high end face creams and lotions. All I need is a face wash, moisturiser and a great lip balm. I have already brought Cetaphil moisturiser which I cant currently use because it actually makes my acne worse. But I have heard that it is fantasti
  4. I am a 28 Year old female and I have suffered with acne right from puberty. This means that I can never remember a time when my skin wasn't full of scars,spots and oil. I have tried everything apart from the harsh drugs as I suffer with anxiety and IBS already and I don't think it would be a good match for me. So I have been using Duac for the last couple of years and to give it its due,it has helped me. It has cleared my acne up to a point. I still have outbreaks when I am due on. But now my