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  1. I found these pics on someone else's thread, it a lot like what I have except the redness more patchy than spot like. http://img523.imageshack.us/img523/5276/acne2ws9.jpg http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/5435/acne3ph8.jpg http://img46.imageshack.us/my.php?image=acne1qd1.jpg http://img523.imageshack.us/img523/8564/acne4ng9.jpg
  2. Okay, my skin right now is absolutely horrid. I don't have too many scars, maybe 4 on my left cheek and 4 deeper ones on my right, with some on my nose. But they are the least of my problems. My skin doesn't look right at all, after a decade of acne my pores are huge, the skin is red and rough. If I look at the skin near my temple (never had acne) and then look at the skin at the center of my face (had a wack load of acne), it seems like two totally different faces. I guess my problem is mostly
  3. stick to mino and cut down on retin-a (I'd still use it though), but mino should work - it always has when I've taken it. But it does take at least 6 weeks.
  4. It's not rosacea. It's accutane, just muscle through it your courses and things will get better once you stop taking it.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I might just try to using both at the same time (alternating each day), can I buy mandelic acid in store or is it online only?
  6. A lesson in acne. Acne is formed when dead epidermal cells accumulate in the pore and allows trapped bacteria to spread (pus is bacteria + leukocytes/immune cells). Skin usually sheds once a month, but retinoids speed it up so it happens much more often. This sloughing of skin prevents build up within the pore, hence no blockage and therefore no acne! (my interpretation of how retinoids work.. might off a bit)
  7. No one has perfect skin, even the stars. Look at Brad Pitt, he used to have pretty bad acne scars and Cameron Diaz has been on accutane to treat her acne and she still gets acne in her 30's.
  8. Okay I need some help! I have these little dark spots on my nose, they are not hard though and relatively small (but numerous). If I simply apply a very small amount of pressure or rub my nose, these little yellow pieces of what appears to be oil come out. Most are sort of gelatinous but some are dry and hard. I don'[t think they are blackheads because I do have a few blackheads near the arch of my nose and these are larger, darker and hard and cannot be pushed out without applying a large amoun
  9. My blackheads are *exactly* like those. Except I have this area near base of my nose that has NONE (most perfect skin of my face). It's like an Oasis surrounded by minefields. Anyways, I'm on Retin-a right, 3rd week so far, hopefully it will have an effect.
  10. So I'm looking into IPL for my facial redness (I've had it for 4-5 years so I'm guessing it's rosacea) - but I keep hearing that the laser is also used for hair removal. I'm a guy, so does this mean that I will no longer be able to grow a beard? Just a small concern
  11. Some sun does help, ie, you should be getting at least 20 minutes of sun a day. However, artificially tanning is being penny wise, pound foolish. You get a nice tan now (and maybe slightly better skin), but you will have sun damaged, wrinkly skin in your 30's onward.
  12. It's probably not rosacea - but that is a symptom of it (you have visible blood vessels and at least one broken capillary). They can be rid of very successfully by use of laser therapy (IPL I think?).
  13. I was also on accutane twice, it worked for my non-blackhead acne. (ie. I don't have whiteheads, cysts etc anymore. While I used to have 30-40 on my face). That said, my blackheads are slightly different than most people, it's more like oil plugs than dark blackheads. Anyways, yeah accutane sucked for the first month and after that it was fine. A bit red, some dry skin but way better than acne.
  14. Is GC stronger than 0.025% Retin-a? Or is it hard to correlate?
  15. Accutane didn't solve my numerous, deep rooted blackheads - only the superficial ones. You should ask for a skin gel, these will probably have a greater effect on your blackheads than anything.