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  1. Yep its real, It's identical to the 0.025% that i was prescribed in the UK about 2 years ago. The only down slide is the gel has a habit of balling off an hour after applying it.
  2. Hi there are loads of great euro sunscreens but if you wanted one that feels as light as water sofina uv lucent is by far the best http://www.bobodave.com/index.php?main_pag...products_id=133 its main active ingredient is zinc oxide and it has a PPD of 8-10
  3. Its always more effective if you moisturise about 5 minutes before application of the retinoid more effective in what way? moisturising 5 mins before will buffer the retinoid and reduce the effectiveness, the most important thing is that she waits 30 minutes after clensing before applying the isotretinoin, waits 30 minutes before moisturising and that she only applies it at night and sunscreen in the day.
  4. clarins liquid bronze is totally natural and the best i've ever used. http://shop.clarins.com/as/do/sessionid/16....cfm?prodID=560
  5. why can't you just move up to the 0.1% strength retin-a micro?
  6. where do you live because its only available in america
  7. hi zorac is tazorac, leaving it on for 5 mins then washing it off is called short contact therapy and is used to minimise any irritation.
  8. yeah are you using the cream? my pharmacy can only get the gel at the moment.
  9. are you from the uk? why dont you just book an appointment with another doctor in the practice and tell them exactly what you want and why you want it?