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  1. Ok, so once upon a time I used to be really healthy. Was thin, exercised, was a very a picky eater, and took my vitamins...But I still had pimples at 23. Thanks to this board I was able to reduce the breakouts with supplements but my face still had a noticeable amount of zits. I gave up. As crazy as it sounds, because of depression or who knows what, I managed to gain 110 lbs over the last year. I eat tons of fast food, desserts all day, and drink soda, I just stopped caring about how I looked.
  2. A year ago I started my mission to become healthier by eating right and working out. I had been taking crap load of vitamins and minerals and made sure to get enough sleep every night. Doing all this really helped my skin break out less, I still had acne though Around the start of this year I started taking taurine and the other stuff mentioned in the taurinie sticky above and my face cleared completely. I also started taking MSM powder around this time. Unfortunately this only lasted for a m
  3. 15 days now with taurine and about a week with HCL and still no zits this whole time... Was in a "I don't care mood" today and ate some chinese food and mini crumb donuts. Wonder if I'll finally break out. Got to test the limits you know! Now if only I could get rid of these ice pick scars.
  4. Heh thats good to hear since I purchased about HCL 1000 pills :P
  5. I found that happened to me too, so now I'm trying Cayenne powder, it's supposed to stimulate your own stomach acid production. i think what happened was that my stomach started to compensate for the acid supplement by producing less acid on its own. So at first it was great, I had a lot of acid, but then the total acid started going down because of the compensation. So I've been trying this cayenne thing for a couple days now. I feel the acid, there's no doubt there, we'll see if it works :) I
  6. How much water do you personally take with psyllium husks? I havent had to go to the restroom in 3 days since I started taking them with one glass of water (about 1/4 liter).
  7. I've been taking 3g of taurine a day for 10 days now without HCL (waiting for delivery) And I havent had one new zit on my cheeks, forehead, nose, or temples this whole time (where I would always get them) I've had a couple small ones on my jaw line but I've also been eating the ocasional cookie every now and then, they also might be from my blanket that I pull up to my face at night, hasnt been washed in a while. But anyways, so far so good... Hopefully the HCL will be the knock out punch.
  8. Hmm sorry if you already answered this question but I can't find my post of it. What's the max amount of time do you think we should take HCL before it starts causing damage?
  9. would this acid supplement be ok? http://www.swansonvitamins.com/ProductDisp...CatalogId=10051 Best deal I could find. Lol, im actually excited about trying this theory out
  10. Hmm I noticed my skin a little bit dry now too. Is that something to worry about? Doesnt dry skin lead to breakouts when the dead skin cells clog your pores?
  11. Been taking 3 grams of taurine a day for 6 days now but I've only stuck to my diet these past 3 days. I've had no new cysts so far and only a couple small white heads that went away after a day, nothing to complain about. Diet is meat, vegetables, and brown rice. I think it's still too early to tell if its really helping or if it's just a coincidence that I havent had any bad zits this past week. On New Years Eve and New years day I ate a ton of bad foods and sweets (dougnuts and oreos) which
  12. That's why I only eat at places where they hand you a spear, point you to a river, and let you catch you own fish.
  13. Panda express: orange chicken + Chow Mein Pizza (of course) Whopper with added french fries (as part of the burger) dipped in BBQ sacue - so unhealthy Doughnuts. cookies, and cakes. ^ I stopped eating this stuff to be healthier before I even knew that diet effected acne though
  14. A lot of people think that I'm trying to lose weight by eating healthy, it's annoying because I'm not. Some people think i'm a vegetarian but I'm not, I just dont eat a lot of met because it's expensive Why do people get so offended at the thought of someone not wanting to eat meat I'll never understand. I think people think vegetarians = hippies and they just dont like hippies or something.