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  1. Everything needs fat. Damn I don't have extra fat
  2. Hey guys, While there is nothing about scars, I came across some cloning shit. They've had the technology to clone humans, yet they don't give us a solution for scars. Something to mess with your heads...
  3. If the world hasn't ended by then, yep for sure come back in 20 years
  4. It is the purpose of this thread though. Many visitors have non-acne scars.
  5. Does it need more than a tiny bit of fat? If only I had enough fat to go around and so much of it didn't get wasted through the process. I already have weirdly hollow asymmetrical sites from my last fat donation. Not to mention the agony of tolerating the liposuction without general anesthesia when you have a tight low fat body. Overweight people are so lucky. So many ways fat can get recycled for so many places.
  6. Seems like you're going through mid-life crisis. Why do u have to keep replying to me if u don't know why I'm here? U seemed clear I was here for updates, no? Why do u reply if u don't want to update and want to tell us to go away for 100 years? The question is why are u here if you're not seeing a solution for the next 100 years, yet tell us so much about your skin and life issues and get upset when someone asks what you're talking about and then say go enjoy your life. Go enjoy your life for t
  7. Would that be an intimate vacation? Because it seems that most people suffer from scars insecurities in intimate situations. Otherwise I don't think judgement of average people is crippling most people, granted it's not a self harm, self-inflicted scar
  8. That wasn't sarcastic. That was a question. Maybe u should work on your sensitivities for better success.
  9. Do people care that much about enjoying a smooth back view? When will we get an update?
  10. So here is that time of the year again...we're half way through the year and the question comes up again... Will any of those companies that gave us hope that in 2019 they're moving forward with trials...are actually gonna give us any serious update and come out with something by the end of the year?
  11. It will still not be used for scar revision as it looks more shit and is only used for lost skin replacement
  12. We had seen it on porcine before Why don't they shave the hair to show what it looks like exactly
  13. It may not be much but that's how they get away with ripping off desperate people with snail's oil...