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  1. when you can stop you dont want to, when you want to you cant.. one of lifes many riddles ....
  2. as i pass, i wave courteously, inside, she waits impatiently, outside, the world demands monotony, her disshelved attire, as she stays warm, with the fire, does neither bore or inspire, but instead sounds the choir
  3. been off tane a month and a half. i havent gotten anything new. thank you. just an update.
  4. So I've been off accutane about a week and a couple days ... I am a bit paranoid of my acne coming back. Will it come back? and if so, when?
  5. sometimes i feel like only a cold still life that fell down here to lay beside you
  6. Day 138: No new acne in about 3 months. Hm... i have less than 2 more weeks left of Accutane. Very glad I went on it.
  7. Day 127: Just got back from the Derm. She said this is my last month, and I have to say it's looking pretty decent. I dont flush as bad anymore, my skin on my arms isnt rough/peelingish. I went 4 days without washing my face, and it still looked "great." Plus! I have a girl interested in me. Well, that's about it. Peace
  8. Day 114: Hm... no acne ... some redmarks... some flushing... I have a blood test on Monday, then I will be beginning my final month... finally. I'm tired of the dry lips and facial flushing, and heated skin.
  9. Day: 106 Microscopic whitehead appeared today... and this one dormant pimple (thought it was a redmark it was there soo long) I decided to play with the other night. What a mess... So other than that and the hideous blotchiness of my skin, things are doing great! I am actually looking forward to coming off the tane so my hair will feel like it used to, and the redness will recede. The blotchiness will end up fading and HOPEFULLY the redmarks too! Redmarks are actually worse than a pimple if I w
  10. Day 98: Hmm... started school, it's alright. Skin = nothing at all, just some red marks... I will be done with Accutane March 9th or April 7th... only thing I've not liked about Accutane is the constant dry lips. Peace and Love, T
  11. Day 82: Hmm... No acne at all actually... Redmarks are fading slowly, but certainly fading. Really disliking the facial flushing. I start school again in 11 days... pretty nervous. Peace and Love, T
  12. Bro, I know what youre talking about. Yeah weed is fine, shrooms are fine, painkillers are fine most the time. Haven't done any coke while on the tane, so can't help ya. I'm almost at the end of month 3...
  13. Day 70 Hmmmm, nothing much has happened. No acne, just redmarks. Finally I can see a couple scars (not that that's is a good thing) They're not very prominent, but it's still there Social Life: Eh, I got a new car the other day so that's good. Still no license, still not many friends lol Well hopefully everyone has a clear new year! Peace and Love, T