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  1. Did you use botox for the cheeks or you mean you got radiesse for cheeks same time as you got botox?
  2. Juvederm is meant to be good, I am looking into this currently
  3. Have you tried Tca Cross?? I have had several treatments and have noticed a difference with some ice picks!!
  4. Have you looked into something like SMP (Scalp MicroPigmentation), google it
  5. How do you expect to get a discount? Have you asked them?
  6. Ok thanks will check it out, Any other suggestions?
  7. Thanks for reply, is this to be used weekly? Know if there is mask specific with these ingredients in them?
  8. Can anyone share what they have found to work well for not only removing blackheads but keeping them away?? I mainly get them in my t zone including nose as have oily skin So far all i have tried is warm water soak face for few minutes before attempting to remove blackheads then wash face with cleanser Anyone know of any remedies that help?
  9. I had my enerjet about 3 weeks ago and from what I found it did show a difference initially with boxscar type scars with some being raised and filling in!! Some of these have remained some have not, I have just had a cross treatment yesterday as well so can't really comment until few weeks but for Enerjet I would say weigh up if you can afford to pay sooo much money for what might be yield results in line with your anticipation. I still personally think trying combos of TCA cross, subcision
  10. go to a decent dr like dr chu, harley street is just a name, does not mean the physicians are any good!
  11. dr patel mentioned 24 hours as well, maybe someone has had it actually with him who can comment?
  12. what is the downtime for this? For instance if get it done friday will be ok by Monday?