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  1. update: Its been 2 or 3 weeks since ive last posted here and guess what no new breakouts, no new whiteheads Ive been drinking green tea 3 times a day, breakfast lunch and dinner and wow. My scars have really reduced, my skin is a lot less oily Just try adding green tea to your diet and see what happens. Granted it might take a month or so to get results First thing i do when i wake up is not "OH MAN! DO I HAVE NEW BREAKOUTS"? Rather "life is great and i love it"
  2. I decided to dump Benzyl Peroxide because it was way too damaging on my skin and too drying. I would apply moisturizer but it would clog up my pores and then new cysts/acne will grow. Its a never ending cycle With the Green tea bag, i would rub it on the affected areas and thats it. No moisturizers needed or anything. My skin doesnt get flaky or dry. I can finally hold my head against the harsh cold without having to worry if its going to be flaky . My chin has never looked so good
  3. @andersoj - hey man. Im happy you asked about the green tea and it being equivalent to 4%BP. Like i said i have researched around before actually posting what i did and made sure to try it out on myself for a month. Heres the link to the article: http://ezinearticles.com/?Green-Tea---The-...y&id=486985 The beginning of the article states: "If you are looking for a free acne home remedy then you can’t beat green tea. Green tea has been shown to be as effective as a 4% solution of benz
  4. @PlzWrkFishOil - I have been taking fiber supplement for 2 months. 2 months ago i tried BFGs regimen but it was still drying for my skin. I got the fiber supplement from bfgs regimen. @nogood - If you read my post i didn't say that it will work for everybody. I did say that it did work for me and i hope that it will work for you guys too.
  5. Hello guys First of all i would like to thank God for helping me put 2 and 2 together to find a regimen for me. I have been suffering from acne for about 8 years of my life. They would range from mild - moderate and then move on to severe. Ive had my ups and downs. I've tried everything from DKR Antibiotics and Pro-active and did everything to stay away from accutane. Anywho after researching around the acne.org forums and getting Ampicillin and Clindimycin from my dermo i put 2 and 2 tog
  6. Since i lift weights, its kinda needed that i drink a gallon of water everyday. A month i added lemon to every glass i drank. All i have to say is i just noticed my skin is a lot better.
  7. Hello there I also had the same experience with this regimen. I had like moderate acne and it really didn't bother me, but i just decided to try and get a clear face. I tried Dan's regimen and for the first month it was amazing. I knew how it felt to have a clear face. After that though i started breaking out along my jawline also. I gave it another month and still the same. So i just decided to go to the dermo. Prescribed me with clindamycin phospate, Ampicillin and BP. Its working rea
  8. @sender07 - Youre right there is always next year . And by next year my acne will be gone. IT WILL BE GONE @acne_battle - im a guy
  9. Day 63: Nothing new to post really, my face still looks digusting and all the cysts are there...lemme count. 1...2...3...4...5....6...7...8.......9.....OH WAIT 9 lol. I went at it on one cyst. I was so angry i had to take it out on something. Looks really red, but oh well compare it to my cyst thats as big as a freakin nickel, it doesnt look as bad.
  10. I am trying to avoid accutane like how i avoid people when i have cystic acne I've read a lot about it, I've read about the success people have had with it. I've also read about the downsides. From what i read it causes depression at my mental stage right now, i dont think i would be able to handle it. Im already depressed as is. I see a dermo in 2 weeks, hopefully we won't have to take accutane. Day 62: I stopped using Cetaphil on my chin because it was too drying. I stilled used it all
  11. Day 61: Night time Well i had about 6 glasses of water with teaspoon of lemon juice. I started this new thing where you add lemon juice to your water. Today has been a bad day, i am seeing that cysts on my left chin are bonding to become one super cyst. They were 3 seperate ones (dead, or so i thought) But now it's as if they are all becoming one. I dunno what to do anymore, i am SO SO SOOOO close to just dropping everything (School, Work, Friends) just so i can stay at home and not see any
  12. although im only 23, i still have acne after 8 years. I can personally say i cannot accept acne. It has held me back so many times now. It has lowered my self-esteem and self-worth. It has ruined my focus in classes. I've had to skip classes because of cystic acne as big as a nickel. I cannot accept something that makes me feel this way. So until that beautiful day comes where i look in the mirror and see nothing but the beautiful face God gave me, I will keep pushing until i am acne fr
  13. just a quick note. Bfg you said to put a shot glass in a microwave, is there something better than that i could use to pump out the head of my cyst? Putting a shot glass in a microwave or any other glass in a microwave isn't exactly safe