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  1. I used to think so a lot. Wanted to end it plenty of times. Just to get it over with.. But no more. If something or someone wants to kill me it will have to work harder for it. I mean, we die no matter what we do.. I ain't in any hurry, it will happen by itself. Feels of course like I missed half of my life. But I've learned a lot, changed, met people I never would've otherwise.. I've had full body acne over 15 years now.. bleeding, swollen and in pain all over the whole time. Think I've go
  2. Is the food salted? I have found salt to be very damaging to the whole body. It will interfere with literally all body functions. Acne seems to be related to it. I would advise absolutely no salted food or dairy. If you do decide to try, depending on your body weight and structure it might take a few weeks to a month to see first changes in acne. How long it might take to be rid of them completely will be different for all. You should definitely see changes in body weight, overall energy a
  3. Hello, I'm 30. I've had acne for about 15-16 years. I had them all over my body in a pretty bad form. They started slow and mild but in time got very much worse. The problem with acne seems to be inflammation throughout the body and the fact that we are good hosts for bacteria. Anyway, there is a way to get rid of it. It has worked for me and I was really one of the worst cases in existence so.. should work for most people if not all as well. I can try to describe. The most importan