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  1. Yeah, I’m assuming my doctor is probably going to give me some stronger anti inflammatory pill and I’m praying it’ll work. I’ll try eye drops as nothing seems to really help me at this point. It’s truly an agonizing headache everyday but my neurologist says there’s nothing wrong, even giving me a Lp that showed the pressure wasn’t above average. Just hopefully looking forward to that day when everything goes back to normal. Thanks for replying as people I talk to dont know how it feels to be hea
  2. Hello everyone, So to start it off...yes, I fit in that very little chance of the acne medication doing less good than it does bad. I’m 17 with cystic acne so once I found out medication exists that can stop it all together I grabbed on to it so fast, but I should of researched some more. It’s been well over a month since my last dose which I was only on for about 2 weeks and my headaches still persist...I’m not sure how long I can take a headache 24/7. I can’t focus I’m class and I’m having t