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  1. If it is hyperpigmentation you are hoping to tackle (the dark patches of skin) then some peels may help. I would recommend having them done professionally though, if you can find a clinic that specialises in acne-related beauty treatments, as it's quite difficult to apply peels (particularly high strength ones) to your back yourself. Alternatively, you could look into non-ablative lasers such as IPL and V-beam, which have been used with some success on hyperpigmentation. As far as treating th
  2. merry xmas dude!

  3. Hi Dazarooni, it's interesting that you ask about Dr Patalay's training. It's been something that's been worrying me a bit since my subcision. Dr Patalay, I think, is essentially a junior doctor working under the consultants in the dermatology dept, who are Dr Chu and Dr Texera (sp?), both of whom are highly experienced and have received recommendations through this forum. When I went for my subcision, I was under the impression that it would be one of them performing the treatment, and was s
  4. Improvement after 10 days is almost certainly down the post-operative swelling, and is not a clear indication of permanent results. As Denise2 said, please see the main Needling thread (which is around 75 pgs long) for much more information on this.
  5. Happy Christmas!!

  6. Still quite bruised and swollen today, but most of the redness has gone down. I'm hoping that by this time tomorrow most of the swelling will have subsided, as it has been going down quite significantly over the course of the day. I'm continuing with the regimen of vitamins/supplements (particularly Arnica Montana, Bromelain, and Vit C) and applying amino plex and copper peptides. Will upload pictures soon hopefully.
  7. Those pictures are of Tamara (Oursfan) - she has written extensively about her experiences in the thread "Had Subcision Today" (9 pages long) - there are also pictures of her results from a later needling procedure in that thread.
  8. Hi Guys, I hope you're all well! It's nice to come back here after what seems like a long time away - I've been busy with university finals and subsequent finding of a job! Anyway, I finally got round to having my first round of Subcision today. It was performed by Dr Patalay, who works under Dr Chu and Dr Texera at the Hammersmith hospital in London. This treatment was actually at Ealing general hospital, which was a bit of a pain to get to, but I feel great to have finally had it done. The
  9. I don't think there is a 'source' as such, unfortunately. There are a few well known specialists out there, such as Frank at Transitions in the US, and Julie Arnold and Dawn Cragg in the UK, but there are many more people who have performed needling treatments with success. If you can locate some board members from your area who may have had needling, you could try PMing them and seeing if they can help. (I'm based in the West Midlands, UK) Yes, that is the case, unfortunately. Julie
  10. The white dots are called 'macules', and are areas of scar tissue. Acne on the body is more likely to cause this type of macular scarring than facial acne, and unfortunately, this type of scarring is also much more difficult to treat. I have severe macular scarring on my chest and back, but am gradually coming to terms with it as it has become much less noticeable over the past 2 years due to the redness fading in the scars. There are no treatments, as far as I know (and I have consulted with
  11. Hi, sorry I missed this topic first time round. As Denise said, I've not been able to be around here as much lately as I've been busy with work and finishing my degree, but, as she also mentioned, I am very happy with my needling results. I would estimate that I've gotten about 30% improvement on my scars, perhaps more on some, less on others. The icepicks themselves have improved significantly, but the rolling texture of my skin has remained pretty much the same, although I was expecting this
  12. Thanks for the info. I do feel I have continued to see improvements in my needled scars, and I had the treatment performed around 8 months ago.
  13. I'm not sure about temporary fillers. I'd advise you to consult a needling specialist.
  14. Hi everyone, just a quick update. I had two sessions of needling done back in January, one minor session on a few icepicks and one entire face session (most of my icepicks). I just wanted to say that over the last few days I've been looking more closely at my scars and have to say, I think there has been continued improvement over the past few months, after the three month period that improvement is usually said to curtail. The scars are looking better than ever! In between times, I've had 2
  15. Happy Birthday Dan! Thanks for everything you do. All the best!