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  1. Thanks @plaguevictim. Unfortunately i cannot take vacation now but yes I have option of working from home time to time. But i am not sure how long this IB will last! the full beard thing will work ? Or is it necessary to shave when on Isotretinoin?
  2. Hello Everyone, I've been suffering from those freaking acne on my upper lips, nose ends and the chin area. I am 33 now and the problem is around 10 year old. I have been getting these white pus, red acne every other 15 days since then but in less numbers, sometimes 1, 2 or 3 but not many but it takes long to make them disappear. I've tried all kind of antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, etc. etc. without any success. During last year after Christmas I've got flare of acne on my chin area and sinc