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  1. What do you mean lol? Sorry I’m slow What do you mean lol? Sorry I’m slow Nvm lol I know what you mean
  2. It’s funny cuz when I’m about to go to the dermatologist my acne isn’t as bad.... my acne is an up an down situation.... and I’m just tired of it all
  3. So I’m trying to get on accutane..... and I don’t have any noticeable cysts on my face but I have had cysts before and I have 2 scars near my nose prior to cysts.... and I have a little scar on forehead but idk what from (pimple or cyst) I do have a cyst on side of neck and 3 on the back of my neck that are just bumps right now? Is that considered “cystic acne”????
  4. Hi Matthew! I was desperate to be put on Accutane as well (mostly because my acne is cystic and is leaving marks, which is making me have low self-esteem). I am currently on Day 6 of my course. Are you in the UK or US? I am in the US, how is your course going?
  5. How bad was his acne? I get a few painful pimples, I notice and can feel bumps on my face, i believe most “bumps” are causing the redness on my face, I have 4 cysts around my neck and I get a persistent cyst on my chest, I too am embarrassed and it emotionally stresses me out, it really gives me low self esteem and etc. ....
  6. So I go to the dermatologist in 11 days finally after waiting 6 weeks for a appointment, I have had my kind set on accutane for over a month of doing research and talking to people, and I can’t wait..... it’s my first appointment at a new dermatologist but not my first dermatologist.... I am going to (idk of this is right) “insist” her/him to put me on accutane.... and I really don’t want to go home without a fight.... I’m desperate... if I insist on accutane will they put me on accutane??
  7. it’s a bad pic but closest as I can get.... is this a blood pimple? Usually when I have these a little layer of skin is over it and if u peel it blood and pus poor out.... just wondering if Its an extra bonus for getting on accutane with this?
  8. I have used multiple bp and salicylic acid products (proactiv, clean and clear, etc.), Retin a, differin, and have been on minocycline and doxycycline.
  9. I get few pimples and couple Whiteheads, some blackheads on nose, but I get cysts around my eyes and nose and under my neck, most aren’t noticeable but I can feel them..... I have red blemishes too