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  1. I wish I would've figured out years ago that liquid foundation is the devil for acne-prone skin. If I were you I would seriously consider moving to a powder or mineral form of makeup. I used Bare Minerals for quite awhile, but forgot to re-order and had to run out for some of the Physicans Formula version. It is not bad at all. Not quite as flawless as Bare Minerals, but just as light and covers really well. If you decide to give it a whirl, PM me and I will give you tips on how to apply. You'll
  2. Cetaphil makes a cleanser that you can use w/o water, I bet it would be helpful at removing makeup. You could smooth is on and then wipe it with a soft cloth. I've found that baby washcloths are VERY soft and gentle, they don't get all 'nubbly', kwim? Are you wearing more makeup than can be removed with the regular cleanser suggested in the regimen?
  3. Well, I just haven't been able to stick with the ACV. Had drinks one night and just couldn't top it with vinager before bed. Ew. After that night I just haven't had the heart to go back to it. Maybe I'll start it back up this week. It is not for the faint-hearted!
  4. I just started using this a couple months ago, actually. IMO it is not as comfortable and flawless as Bare Minerals, but it was available at the time I needed something, so I tried it. It works ok for me, but it only gives a very light coverage.
  5. I kid you not that this is the most VILE tasting stuff I've ever had. EVER. I broke out into a sweat it was so bad. I thought I could handle it as no one has complained THAT badly. I was not prepared at all. I imagine this is what battery acid might taste like. If this doesn't start working within a week I will not continue. I actually thought about not sharing this because I would hate to deter someone from trying it, but I am going to be experimenting to see if I can make it more palatable, an
  6. Here are the ingredients in the Clear Complexion Tea Dandelion leaves, juniper berries, raspberry leaves, rosehips, speedwell, yarrow, birch leaves, buckbean leaves, calendula flowers, echinacea root, nettle leaves, rosemary leaves.
  7. Well, I wasn't planning on straying from Dan's regimen at all, but I'm reading the ACV method and am totally intrigued. I always seem to have a deeply set pimple, more like an infection, that just lingers there and gets mad every so often. Maybe this will kill it from the inside? Well, worth a shot. I found the orgainc ACV at the market this morning and will start tonight. I'm worried about the taste and if it will upset my tummy. I'm usually sensative about that kind of thing. I will update soo
  8. I decided I would go ahead and add my story in here since I really enjoy reading others. BRIEF history... dealt with acne since jr. high. It cleared up right out of high school, then came back when I went on BC. Then I had a baby boy and WHAM-O... it was so terrible that I went on Acutane. A was awesome, aside from the dry lips. My skin was crystal clear, didn't even wear make-up very much. But my skin started getting so THIN that if I even just scratched my cheek it would bleed. Went off of A
  9. Well, I would avoid 'scrubs' like the plague. I use Basis bar soap and wash very gently with my fingers, and apply Cetaphil moisturizer only when too dry.
  10. Yup, sure has. Moisturizers are full of all kinds of things... pretty easy for acne-prone skin to be allergic to at least one of them. Oh, and I've found that I'm WAY less likely to have a problem with lotions that are fragrence-free, as they are also alcohol-free.
  11. I've thought about this quite a lot myself. I figure that if I avoid treating my acne so that I won't skin that ages prematurely, then I'm going to just have bad skin that stays younger looking longer. Hmm... I guess it's that old saying... 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other. I personally would like to enjoy my skin now, and deal with wrinkles like the rest of the old ladies later
  12. Have you started taking any vitamins, esp. any B vitamins? B vitamins pull toxins out of the body and can make acne worse as it draws everything to the surface. I've had that problem and actually got so fed up waiting for it finish it's 'job' that I stopped the vitamins. I should probably bite the bullet and stay the course, but haven't felt like dealing with it yet, lol! If I were you I would be up to a full amt. of BP. I started a full finger's worth of BP in my second week (guess I was impat
  13. I apply all over my entire face, avoiding any area above my cheekbones or too close to my lips. Not sure about hyperpigmentation, haven't dealt with that. Also, be prepared for LOTS of drying skin while your face adjusts. It won't last